Strawberry Banana Vanilla Soy Ice Cream

We can never have too much ice cream at our house so my boys are always looking for some after dinner. But to be honest, I'm not all that fond of making ice cream. It's not so much making it but rather all the effort involved ....more

Korean Bulgogi

The summer is coming to a close with Labor Day weekend just around the corner and kids starting school (if not already). Given this, my friends and I wanted to take advantage of the perfect grilling weather this weekend. Since we are huge fans of Korean cuisine, we figured a Korean Grilling Party was in order! ...more

Kickin' Teriyaki Chicken Wings

I took a much needed weekend away and it's great to come back refreshed and relaxed! Even better are recipes that require little to no effort at all. We love our chicken wings and I had a craving for Asian flavors ....more

Peach Melba Ice Cream

Summer is slowly coming to an end. The funny thing is that it didn't even feel like summer with the cool weather we had in the Midwest. I can't complain though.. ....more

Bacon & Blue Cheese Flatbread

Every now and then, I get some free time to really take in some of my favorite Chicago neighborhoods. Not too long ago, I spent the weekend reviewing quite a few restaurants while exploring some shops and markets in the area. On my little foodie excursion, I picked up a few things that were unique, random, and most of all, delicious ....more

Back to School Snacks & A Language Stars Open House!

It's officially August and that means kids are going back to school! If you're looking to have some great, wholesome snacks ready for the kiddies, I've got a few ideas to share. Here are some treats to help get everyone geared up to starting a new school year.. ....more

Best Ever Butter Yellow Cake

I love birthdays. It's so fun to celebrate with loved ones and I especially enjoy celebrating the birthdays of my closest family and friends. This week, the Baron celebrated his birthday and in honor of his special day, I had him choose whatever crazy, out of the ordinary, ultimate cake he wanted ....more

Keepin' Cool with Iced Coffee!

I'm a coffee gal and it's one of those things I need in the morning to start my day. When the weather is hot, I'll reach for iced coffee to hit the spot and cool off at the same time. In fact, I've been reaching for iced coffee more often with a few different ways to use it other than in a tall glass with ice cubes! ...more

July Restaurant Reviews!

This has been a busy month of checking out new spots to eat around town! Rather than doing separate posts, it seemed to make more sense to do a run down of all the places at once so they're easier to find. I've got a couple more spots to review between now and the end of the month, which I'll be highlighting for August ....more

GF Buttermilk Blueberry Belgian Waffles

It's Wednesday... and I already had the weekend on the brain. Admit it - you do too! ...more