#365feministselfie November

November was quite a month! The season's first snow fell, and melted away. Delilah turned 5 ....more


Dear Delilah, I can barely bring myself to type the words.You are five....more

Halloween 2014

Dear Delilah and Canon, This is a bit late, and these photos have been shared when it was more timely, but for posterity, and in my desire to get back to the roots of this blog (to serve as a bit of something for you to look back at your childhood with), I'll share them here again....more

#365feministselfie October

You know it's been a busy month when you go to upload your monthly collage and realize your last blog post was the previous month's selfie collage. I've got two windows open with partial posts started, but the month has been all hustle-bustle! There has been lots of work ....more

#365feministselfie September

Better late than never, my collage of #365feministselfie photos from September! The season has started to turn, bringing with it walks to school, hikes, cuddles, scarves, tea, and our family's first respiratory infection of the season! Happy Fall! ...more

The Hope Academy Lending Library

International Babywearing Week is just a few short days away, but I'm kicking off the festivities a little early because I am just so excited about this project....more

25 Babywearing Costume Ideas (That won't make you look like a Racist Asshole)

It's that time of year again, when babywearers everywhere take to google and pinterest and innocently type "babywearing halloween costume" into all-knowing boxes, in hopes of incorporating their baby and their baby carrier into an adorable and/or hilarious halloween costume.Many of them, likely unknowingly, will settle on seemingly easy or authentic ideas that appropriate other races or cultures. (Don't know what cultural appropriation is? Start Here.) Ideas like "Indian and Papoose" (see also "Sacajawea" or "Pocahontas"), "Traditional African", "Eskimos", "Geisha and Dragon", or "Babushka Dolls" (alright, that one might be a stretch) will catch the eye of well-meaning white mothers all across America ....more

On Breastfeeding and Feminism

I kind of can't believe that I haven't already written about this, but alas, when The Boob Geek (who you should definitely like on facebook if you...more
Enjoyed reading this - lots of interesting points! Thank you!more

On Breastfeeding and Feminism

I kind of can't believe that I haven't already written about this, but alas, when The Boob Geek...more

Granola Strolla Kickstarter

The 30 Day Granola Strolla Kickstarter campaign is live! I'm happy to share this fundraising campaign for an exciting new product! Please read below to learn more about Granola Strolla, then contribute to their campaign and earn some sweet perks (the Swag Bag at the $25 level is awesome!) or share it with your friends!...more