I Have, I am, He is Enough — OneWord 2014

I was born with a chronic case of stuffitis. I’ve long been the type of person who wants more of everything. If it’s good, I want more of it ....more

Come Thou Long Expected Jesus

Today marks the beginning of Advent. The season where we look for and wait on the coming Messiah. It’s a season of expectancy ....more

Day 31: Letting God Write Our Story

So here we are on Day 31. I didn’t update every day, barely even every other day, but I wrote often, much more often than in months past. And I told some stories that I’d wanted to tell ....more

Day 30: The Day Harry Became a Big Brother

Because Harry and Posey share a birthday, it also means that we became their guardians on the same calendar day, two days after birth for each of them, Nov. 21. The difference between the two stories of course is that with Harry we were getting the call, freaking out, throwing things in suitcases, and driving across the country ....more

Day 29: That Day Our Daughter Was Born

I’ve been trying to write the story of the day Posey was born all month. But there just aren’t words for it. Mostly because that day doesn’t belong to me ....more

Day 26: Lions and Zebras and Candy, Oh My

This morning we took the kids to a little trick or treat event at some local shops. It took Harry about 30 seconds to figure out that if he walked up to people and held out his plastic pumpkin that he’d get candy. A pretty exciting development when you’re almost 3 ....more

Day 22: That Time I Put a Frame On It

In August we had our great room painted (thanks brother-in-law!). We chose Moonshine by Benjamin Moore, and we’re still loving it. Once that was complete, I knew the next project on the to-do list was this bare wall above the buffet in the dining area ....more

Day 21: Monday Musings

As we approach the kids’ birthday next month, I am feeling sentimental about the weeks and days leading up to their arrivals. In 2010, we had no idea we would soon be parents. We hoped so ....more

Day 19: Posey @ 11 Months Old

Oh Posey, the countdown to your first birthday is on. Today you are 11 months old. It doesn’t feel like a year ago that you came into this world and changed everything ....more

Day 15: That Time I Was Pregnant

Tucked into a dresser drawer in our bedroom is a little Ziploc bag with three home pregnancy tests inside. Four years later, the two pink lines are still visible. I read something the other day that you hold onto things until you don’t need them anymore ....more