“Leaning In” Support and Information Workshop for Cancer Carers, Family and Friends

A cancer diagnosis can be shocking and traumatic, not just for the person diagnosed, but also for their friends and family ....more

A Little Pride Is Good For You, And Other Very Unchurchy Heresies.

Something I didn’t really miss when I stopped going to church is the special churchy language we use there. I don’t mind so much the words we use for special activities and goings-on at church such as ‘connect’, as in ‘connect group’, which basically means socialising, which thankfully now replaces the very, very churchy word we once used – ‘fellowship’ ....more

The Bane of Sin and Broken Skin – What God Wants From You In Your Pain

A few days after my diagnosis with stage 3B Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, as I lay in a hospital bed absolutely determined to survive, a man in the bed opposite me decided to do the exact opposite. It happened one morning right before breakfast ....more

A god with dirty feet

I can’t give up being a Christian. God knows, I’ve tried. The thing I find most compelling about Christianity isn’t the church, the Bible, the promises, the grace, the hope or the salvation. In fact, on any given day, I question what those things actually mean, and what they mean to me. I don’t find Christianity particularly compelling. But still, I can’t leave it. I think I’ve worked out what it is that makes me stay. What I find most ...more

What Doesn’t Kill You Makes Your Depression and Anxiety Stronger, And Other Home Truths Cancer Survivors Will Tell You

Every time I have a bad day or bad week, or couple of bad weeks like I am at the moment, it comes home to me again just how difficult others find it when we’re struggling, and how relieved they are when our struggles go away, and how annoyed they can get when those struggles apparently come back. Again. And again ....more

With Hope, The Odds Don’t Matter – Heather Von St. James Story

I bring you the story of this courageous and yet remarkably regular family, living with cancer, each day to the fullest. Love these guys. Please share this video. JO xxx ...more

Do You Think You Could Tell if I Was Dying Of Cancer?

Sometimes, as a cancer survivor*, it’s difficult to express gratitude for still being alive. Not because of not feeling grateful, but because of feeling self-concious about that gratitude coming over as smugness ....more

Hanging In There With The Things We Can’t Fix – Supporting Our Cancer Carers And Supporters

Sometimes, the biggest problem people have with cancer isn’t actually the cancer. It can be the way people respond when they find out we have cancer, and the way they respond to the things which happen to us because of cancer ....more

We Must Never Be Afraid – Chrissy Amphlett 1959 – 2013

This is one of those evenings I feel a little pensive – like I need to go have a good cry. Cancer is close today. I feel it’s presence, like a shadow. I remember the first time I felt death close by – the day I was diagnosed. I was teaching, and as I sat at the table with my students I felt a space open up behind me, like a door opening to a dark hallway, with a scent ...more