Almost 70 years 70 yearsSo worried about stock piling, and stories about weapons of mass destruction, a great deceptionLet’s celebrate, the only nation to have dropped in anger A glorious cloud in the sky, radiation sickness for years, hip hip hoorayBring out the banners, and have a parade 70 years, oh 70 years, it don’t fade away...more

Is there art in causing offence? (Should we *ucking swear?)

I recently submitted some work to a well known magazine but just as I finished the final edit, I noticed something that gave me pause for thought. Contained within the lines of my finished article were a few naughty words. I was faced with an ethical and potentially commercially relevant conundrum. Would these small little words, words that I use everyday, cause offence to the editor?...more

Christmas Indecision

Is it my turn this yearNo it’s yoursShall we say 3Let’s make it 4Is Aunt Joan coming or notI’d rather not say for sureChristmas comes but once a yearAs does the great family indecisionWe’ve all got livesBut that can’t explainWhy we can’t decide whether to visitCousin LorraineSheila’s not talkingTo Kevin or BenAnd my Brother’s got re-married, yet againFor me the decision’s simpleStraight or on the rocksI just need to find a driver and a new pair of socks...more

It's Dark In Here - Underground

This is my follow-up piece to Rachael’s short story It’s Dark In Here http://theworldoutsidethewindow.wordpress.com/2013/11/12/its-dark-in-here/Underground by John de GruytherIt’s under the ground“It’s alive, It’s alive”Thunder clapsAnd lightning boltsDr. Sam and the beagles who smokeIn her mad-eyed enthusiasmShe chews on gumInjecting needles into warm monkey fleshScrawny rats twitch and respond...more

A Cornish Tale - Part 4

It was Councillor Jackson…...more

The Greatest Love Of All

 NaBloPoMo can offer a chance for writers to try new genres, write out of their comfort zone or perhaps just experiment a little. It is in this spirit that I thought I would share with you an idea that I have been ruminating on for a while. Like my recent foray into horror this is a style I have not written in before, so I would be really interested in any feedback you have to offer. Well here it goes, I hope you enjoy it and be kind;The Greatest Love Of All...more


Conflict in a sacred spaceIn between the linesOf what’s at stakeWarTerrorDon’t venerateDelicate red petalsPlaced in the palmGloryFalse-passionBeyond my commandRemember is a wordBut children are the voiceMbeleMbeleForward is our choice©John de Gruyther 2013...more