Whale Watching With Harbor Breeze Cruises

I recently had the amazing opportunity to go whale watching with Aquarium of the Pacific and Harbor Breeze Cruises. A small group from the media set out and had the best morning on the ocean. The weather was beautiful and the sea life came out to play!When whale watching, it's pretty normal to see dolphins since they love playing in boats' wakes ....more

butter LONDON Plush Rush Lip Products

I am in love with butter LONDON Plush Rush....more

3 Keys to Instagram Success

I've cracked the code to successful photo exposure on Instagram and I want to share my findings with you!We all want to get likes on pictures that we're putting time and love into. It can be frustrating when you post a photo you adore but it only generates a handful of likes, then you see someone else post a so-so picture and get hundreds of likes. I mean, as much as we don't want to compare ourselves to others, we are human ....more

Rainy Day Outfit Inspiration

It has been raining all week here in Southern California which is pretty much a miracle! It never rains in LA so my excitement has inspired me to create my idea of a perfect rainy day look. Notice the Hunter boots ....more

Casual, Everyday Look

I rarely blog outfit posts because for the most part I have a pretty casual style, and let's be honest, a lot of you posting what you wear look awesome and chic all the dang time. Plus, I don't have a photog to take my pics :)But whatever, here I am in all of my relaxed glory! I live in jeans, cardigans, and comfy shoes ....more

Best of 2016

I know I'm about two weeks late, but I wanted to highlight some of my favorite moments of 2016. It was an interesting year. I spent the first half of it working like crazy - and by crazy I mean 10, 11, 12-hour days on the regular and having no life ....more

Descanso Gardens Enchanted: Forest of Light

Earlier this week I went to La Canada Flintridge...more

The 128th Rose Parade

Happy New Year! To kick off 2017, I attended the Rose Parade for the first time! Although I've lived near Pasadena my entire life, I've just never made the trip to the event ....more

Join the Gossip is Nine!

Back in 2007 I started blogging for the company I was working for. I got to go to conferences, interview celebrities, and it was amazing! So six month later, on December 29, I decided to start my own blog.Over the years I have had incredible opportunities ....more

Crystal Cove Christmas Tree

Christmastime in Southern California may not involve snow, but we find our ways to be festive. So when I heard about a Christmas tree right on the beach I knew I had to see it - and it was just as magical in person as I imagined!Located at Crystal Cove, a section of coastline between Laguna and Newport beaches that's also referred to as Newport Coast, the tree is a bit hard to find if you don't know where you are going, but that's also part of it's charm. There were quite a few people making it hard to get unobstructed views in photos, but it wasn't as crowded as I expected and with a little patience I was able to get some good shots ....more