The weather report!

This morning I was stuck in my car in the snow when going to the hospital with my little girl – nothing serious though. Last night it was a snow storm here in the 66° north! Sometimes  I get fed up with all this snow, at other times I sense the immense beauty in this beast.  Because that cold beauty of January brings us a kind of feelings that no other season draws out.  On the whole there´s a stark loveliness about January. The harsh weather tends to strip Mother nature to her bare essentials, and we see her beauty in high relief....more

The need to create positive habits!

Today the Moon starts a new cycle with the New Moon in aquarius. What a nice start of the week!  So many new thoughts and solution to our old problems could come our way the next month. It´s always a good time to start something new, progressive but wise things when the new moon is in this sign.   I ´m going to start drinking my favorite drink in the morning that is made of almond milk, bananas and the frozen blueberries  I picked last autumn with my family....more

Something about me

Hi my name is disa from Iceland.  I´m educated in political science and media, psychological astrology and as a tourist quide.  I´m going to blog about my experince of life both in the field of my education as well as about things i love like photgraphy, vegatarism and more exiting stuff.  Well, the weather now in Iceland is beautiful snow and sunshine so I think the sky will show us it´s beauty tonight - the aurora:)...more