Listen to Your Body: Sinus Problems

 Are your sinuses hurting today?  Did you develop a sinus infection just before the start of the holiday season, and it just keeps hanging on?  Do you get this same ailment every year at this time? Want to know why? ...more

Overcoming Insomnia: Seven Solutions to Sleepless Nights

There are few things more frustrating than being unable to sleep.  During a particularly difficult time in my life, I experienced so many back-to-back sleepless nights that I dreaded going to bed, knowing that all that awaited me was another long, uncomfortable stretch of tossing and turning and clock-watching.  I was deeply afraid that I would never sleep again....more

Food-Allergy-Friendly Fall Fun! Dairy-Free Pumpkin Gingerbread Cookies with Naturally Flavored Icing

Many healers will gleefully inform you that sugar is The Devil.  They will tell you that it is the Be All End All of Dietary Evils, that it’s poison, that it will kill you and that there is something very wrong with you if do not find the notion of eating a cupcake morally offensive in the extreme, up there with, say, lacing your child’s sun-nut butter sandwich on gluten-free bread with arsenic and sending them off to school with a happy little smile. ...more

Feeling Held Back by Foot Pain or Problems? Deciphering the Message Behind the Discomfort and Getting Back to Your Life

           Two weeks before I was to graduate from college, I tore one of the ligaments in my right foot.  I was thoroughly attached to my exercise routine, so even though my cardio-sessions were becoming increasingly painful, I refused to acknowledge the issue until the foot was in such trauma that I could no longer walk on it, let alone run or jump.  At last defeated, I went to a doctor who explained what had occurred and gave me an embarrassingly bulky, blue Velcro shoe to wear for the next eight w...more

Your Energy and Your Electronics: Why They Don't Always Play Nice

 Ever had one of those days weeks months when it seems that everything that uses an electric current is dying on you?  You'll know if you have, because you'll recall it as one of the most expensive periods of the year.  Sometimes, it really is that the appliances all just happen to have worn out at the same time.  Sometimes, your home’s wiring may be having issues and your appliances are being shorted out by power-surges. ...more
Bmiranda, ooooooh, you hit on a BIG one!!  Thank you for bringing this up.  Our ...more

Listen to Your Body: What is Your Throat-Trouble Telling YOU?

            I love to listen to the celebrity “sleaze” on my way home from the gym in the morning.  In fact, my two favorite radio stations do their versions at perfectly staggered times, so if the DJs are on schedule, I can catch one report right after the other....more
 @bmiranda Bmiranda, that sounds like a perfect affirmation for your situation!  Everything you ...more

Why is a Raven Like a . . . Blackboard?: Heeding the Messages in Our Dreams

            I can’t recall exactly when it was that I began instructing clients to pay attention to their dreams.  As with most of the truly important things that happen in my practice, it just suddenly seemed especially relevant.  Given my background in dream-interpretation, one would think this would have been part of my work from the get-go, but with rare exceptions, I had never been a particularly vivid dreamer myself.  Those dreams that I could remember were often no more than butterfly wisps, stained-glass snat...more