What I’m Reading: The Escape Artist

Ever since listening to the audio books...more

Sad News for the Quilting World

Monday was a sad day for the quilting world. ...more

Newest Report on the House

I have good news…and bad news. ...more

The Start of School

This post is part of the project I have going on with U.S. Cellular… First off,...more

A Guest Post from Kayla: Pressure Cooker Sweet Corn

I just had to share this new cooking method with my mom, so what better way than with a guest blog post? Earlier this week I cooked corn in my pressure cooker. It was so quick and I didn’t even have to shuck it first! ...more

Ironing Board Challenge

Hello…welcome to the ironing board cover challenge. ...more

Jelly Roll Jam 2 with Fat Quarter Shop

Hey-Hey-Hey…guess what? ...more

What I’m Working On….

There’s lots of irons in my fire as far as things we’re working on. Friday and Saturday Kelli came over and we sat down and pow-wowed. ...more

The Latest at the House

We had workers at the house Friday and the cement guys even came Saturday morning. ...more

Stash Report

I thought I wouldn’t have any fabric in this week….then Kelli brought me a jelly roll of Moda’s Blooming Fresh that she had at her house and I ended up in Waterloo at JoAnn Fabrics. I am not sure what I am going to do with the jelly roll but being I was in Waterloo and being I wanted to do something with it..I just figured a few half yard cuts of matching solids might be just what this jelly roll needs. ...more