UFO Progress

Wednesday is my day to show off my UFO progress. ...more

What I’m Reading: A Night Divided

I just finished the audio book,...more

Childcare Debate

I’ve been debating and debating about what I want to do with my childcare….maybe you all can chime in and help me think this all through. Right now, I am registered. ...more

Childcare Update

The childcare kiddos have been keeping me hoping. ...more

What I’m Working On….

I’ve mostly been concentrating on one project over the last week. ...more

Stash Report

It’s a thrifty find stash report today! ...more

Flood Update

Sorry to leave you all in the lurch about flooding and rain fall in our area. ...more

Medical Update

Friday I had the day off. ...more

The Elections

Every month I team up with...more

Beth’s Quilts…

I got an email message from Beth C back in August. ...more