Juggling Schedules

I thought I had everything figured out and was full for childcare..but I should know better by now. ...more

I Can’t Say No!

Sometimes I can’t say no and sometimes I really should…or at least Hubby thinks I should. ...more

What I’m Reading: Everything I Never Told You

I just finished listening to the audio book Everything I Never Told You...more

Back to the Doc

Some of you might recall that I told you I had a fall during childcare and injured my shoulder. ...more

You’re Going to Kill Me!

Our son Karl was home not to long ago. ...more

Ask Jo: This and That

Every so often I get questions from readers that I think other readers might want the answers to as well so I answer them here on the blog. ...more

More Bridal Fun

Can you believe we have TWO family weddings in the month of September? ...more

What I’m Working On

Well it’s 12 days to go. ...more

Jimmy John: A Readers Vesion

I have recently gotten in a few photos of quilts made from our patterns. ...more

Stash Report…

My husband always says, “When in Rome do like the Romans”. ...more