You Look Like Effing Madonna!!

Can I just talk about bracelets for a minute? Because I am having THE BEST DAY and it's completely bracelet related. I LOVE bracelets. I really do. On any given day I stack probably between 20-30 bracelets on my wrists. I feel like they really 'make' an outfit, and I'm completely obsessed with making them. I actually counted last week, and in the last 2 or so months I've made around 85 or so. I really am obsessed....more

Worst. Week. Ever :(

Ok, so I'm really not sure how to start this entry. I've typed & erased 5 or 6 different sentences in the last 2 minutes. I'm having the week from hell, so I guess I'll start this one off with a warning. WARNING: THIS RANT MAY CONTAIN LOW AMOUNTS OF BITCHINESS. You have been warned. ...more


Can anyone help me out with a problem I'm having? I'm trying to change the font & color (font & background) on my blog and maybe add a picture header, and I would maybe also like to add organization tabs, but that's a problem for later. I can't for the life of me figure out how to change anything on my blog. I know HTML basics, so that's not the issue. It's more like, where to put the code for it to change my profile. Under my 'About Me'? Or in one of the many, many boxes under that one?...more
 @Denise Thanks so much. I'll definitely stick with Blogher though. :) more

soo happy i finally got around to doing this :)

Hey everyone :) So, this is it! My first blog post EVER!! And i gotta tell you guys, I'm so so so excited! Ok, enough of that over the top excitment :)...more


this blog is all about my inspiration, my diy's, clothing, hair, makeup, etc. its my online collection of things i love and things that inspire me, and hopefully you :)...more
 @victorias_view thanks so much :)more