History Of Parenting Advice, Mommy Olympics, and Mothers Doing It All Wrong

Let's play a game. This game is called Parents These Days Are The Absolute Worst In All Of History. Op-Ed writer Frank Bruni started us off last week when he wrote a column for The New York Times Sunday Review entitled A Childless Bystander's Baffled Hymn.And now we're going to finish the game. ...more

Parent Volunteering: FAQs, Phobias, and Freakouts

If you have kids in school or activities, chances are you’ve already been asked to Volunteer. And if you haven’t been asked to Volunteer yet, chances are you will be. Should you? Could you? Why would you? Listen, I’ve been a Girl Scout leader, an elementary school room parent, a Soccer Mom, a Lunch Bunch monitor, a Book Buddy, and I’m currently the Test Chair for a local skating club. (The duties of Test Chair are similar to those of a military commander planning the invasion and occupation of a small country, except with more sequins, tango music, and twizzles.) In other words, I'm nuts and need to get a life. In spite of that, I’m going to address the most pressing questions and qualms parents have when it comes to volunteering. You’re welcome....more

French Parents Are Superior -- Just Like All Other Parents

Other parents are better. They are better than you in all ways. They are better at disciplining their kids, motivating their kids, and keeping their kids out of harm's way. Their children will have more friends in school, lead more fulfilling lives, and never need therapy. Their kids will rule. And it will all be because other parents were much better parents than you can ever hope to be. Sorry. It's a truth I learned too late to save my own kids....more
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