Getting ACLS Certified – The Benefits to You

Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) is a set of procedures that medical professionals follow when a patient requires urgent attention for a heart condition that is life threatening. To become an ACLS provider, the person must have the knowledge and training to intervene and deploy his or her skills for treating the patient. Qualified health care professionals are required to undergo a certification program specially made for the purpose....more

How to Control your MacBook Using an iPad for Free?

Years ago, a computer at home was considered to be the height of luxury. They came in huge boxes and featured black and white images. Then came small computers after which laptops made prospect. Today, it’s the generation of smartphones and tablets. We now live in a season where these devices are not only easily accessible, but can also be connected with one another. Apple’s products are no exception in this regard.Though there are many paid apps to sync your iPad with your MacBook, you do have a couple of free options too....more

Is Internet Education set to Overtake Traditional Learning?

Given the advances of high-tech video conferencing and the availability of tons of resources online, often one is left to wonder ‘why go for conventional studies?’ The skyrocketing college fees have further led to the increasing dilemma. The good news though is that student debt problems in the US have escalated dramatically, making the argument hotter.The unfair advantage of traditional learning methods ...more
Truly one gets the feeling why are people wasting time in schools and colleges when they have ...more