Type 1 diabetes

 The new year is here and the 1 year Anniversary of my oldest daughter Jillian's diagnoses of Juvenile diabetes is just a few days away. It has been a roller coaster year of ups and downs and highs and lows. We have learned so much about this disease, but yet I still feel like I have not grasped it fully. Everyday is not the same, her sugar levels are never perfect and with puberty knocking on our door it will get worse. Having a pre-teen with type 1 scares me but not as much as having a teenager, yikes....more

Wow! I can completely relate to this post. My daughter is 11 and was diagnosed in October of ...more

Kinda a sports fan?

  Kinda a sports fan? Do I like sports? Kinda. I watch Basketball and am a Orlando Magic fan. I understand the sport and like it, probably more then I will admit. But it is Football that I have an issue with, not a bad issue, just a short attention issue....more

The Christmas itch

 Every year I sit and look at the Black Friday ads and browse the internet checking out all the great deals. Then On Friday morning I sit and watch the "frenzy" from the living room, sadly dissappointed that I am not there. I can not even begin my shopping until the 2nd week of December, when Hubby gets his bonus check, but the days that lead up to it I am a internet window shopping fool. I first see what the 3 girlies want and then I go to Gifts.com (love that website) and see if I can find anything "new" they don't know about....more

freaked out......ugh

   I just realized the other day that my hubby's weight is very close to mine, yikes!! No woman wants to weigh more then her hubby and I think I am close. Time to buckle down and buck up and get my butt moving. How and when did this happen? Hubby has a unfair advantage in the battle, well it is not really an advantage...he has small ulcers, which he is suppossed to take his handy Prilosec for but as a typical man he "forgets" to take it....more

here goes nothing

 What to say, what to say?............ I am home alone with my 3 girls tonight, hubby is at his weekly bball game. The thing he looks forward to all week, so he tells me. You know I wish I had something to look forward to all week, besides the girls bedtime. Sometimes I look forward to going to the gym after the girls are in bed, but that is only because I can watch what I want on T.V. there and not get stuck watching the NBA playoffs at home. Don't get me wrong I like basketball and do enjoy watching it but not 3 times a week, sometimes a girl needs dramatic entertainment....more