My December Stitch Fix: Another Buy-it-All Box?

Bring on the eggnog and Christmas cookies, because it’s time for my December Stitch Fix!I’ve basically been looking forward to this Fix since about two minutes after I sent my November Fix back… so as soon as the box arrived I went from clothed to nekkid in about 19 seconds so I could try everything on.Don’t worry, the postlady was gone so I didn’t scare the bejesus out of her....more

The Joules Purge: How did it Go?

Remember in October when I told you that I had a plan to unbury myself from a mountain of clothes and relentlessly purge my entire closet?Well, almost every day after that declaration I pulled a different piece of clothing out of my closet to wear, posted a picture on Instagram and then evaluated the item.At the end of a long work day, I’d ask myself:...more

Reviewing Hello Fresh {spoiler: I love it!}

I have another review that I am super ecstatic to share with you all. Do you remember when I tried Blue Apron, a food delivery service that sends you all the ingredients you need to cook a few meals? While I really liked the idea of having all the ingredients sent to my house to try new recipes, I had some issues with the service. Mainly, that the portions were small for the price and the recipes were a bit fancy for us....more

I normally don't talk about poop

I should probably start this story by telling you that Jack is not a traveling pooper. In his almost three years of life, I’ve only had to deal with him pooping outside the home (or daycare or Mimi’s house) three times. Ever. Not really sure why, but I’ve just been pretty lucky that it hasn’t really been an issue.I guess the kid just likes his privacy....more

Reviewing the Kiddy World Plus Car Seat

{Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored by Kiddy USA; however they did provide me with a car seat to test and review. All thoughts, inappropriate blurting out of the word ‘penis’ and overuse of exclamation points are my own.}Okay guys, I haven’t really written about kid product stuff in a really long time, but I just HAVE to share this with you all in case you’re in the market for a car seat. I was recently sent a Kiddy World Plus Car Seat to try out and I’m in LOVE with it....more

What Do You Think Of The Toms + Target Collaboration?

Have I mentioned my Toms obsession? It's kind of funny. When I first saw someone wearing Toms shoes, I thought they looked kind of weird. They're just normal old wrapped canvas shoes. What’s the big dealio? They totally grew on me over the years though, and I finally bought my first pair of Toms over the summer. They were a snazzy pair of zigzag slip-ons, and I wore them ALL summer long. Then, Hautelook had a Toms sale… and I bought a couple more pair. A few months later while browsing at Nordstrom Rack, I found two more pair to add to my collection. ...more
Thew thing to remember is the line is for Target. To introduce the exact same thing at a ...more

My November Stitch Fix: A Total Turkey?

It seems like it’s been a super long time since my last Fix in October, doesn’t it? I guess this past month has been so busy that it just FEELS like a lot of time has passed, but it’s really only been a month + a week....more
Karen Ballum My dog sheds sometimes, so I keep a lint roller in the truck. ;)more

Learning from Pinterest: Boots + Jeans

I was always a bootcut jeans girl, so figuring out how to wear boots with my jeans was pretty darn easy. Put on jeans + stick boots under jeans = done. Easy peasy.Over the past year, I’ve started liking more of the straight and skinny jeans styles. In the summer, it’s pretty easy to style them with Toms, flats or sandals… but once the weather started getting cold I was kind of at a loss....more

Plane Awkwardness Caused by Tom Cruise

While I LOVE traveling, sometimes (um…always) I really wish I could just use some Floo powder rather than deal with the hassles of flying on an airplane.Of course, this time it was totally my own darn fault.And no, I’m not talking about the rude, rude, RUDE boy who took up more than his share of room....more

All About Austin

I’m so glad I finally got a chance to type up all my thoughts on last week’s super fun trip to Austin, Texas. Instead of giving you a boring-ish daily breakdown, I’m just sticking with the highlights of where I went, what I ate and what I bought…...more