Firewheel: A Mother-Daughter Story

Before the land was anyone’s but its own, a Mother and Daughter lived in these fields. The floor of their home was the prairie grass, the walls the wild rose bushes, and the ceilings the giant-leafed sycamore trees. ...more

Tits in a Taxi


Writing the Hero's Journey

When my son was a child, he always asked to hear “Rapunzel” when we were together in the car. This story, like Rumpelstiltskin, Cinderella, Snow White, and countless others involves a child abandoned in some way first by her mother who dies and then by her father.   ...more

Making a Gourd Pergola

If you have ever moved to a new place with no garden or even landscaping in existence, you might understand the dilemma I faced in the fall of 2005.  When a piece of land was cleared for my new mobile home, I had no idea how desolate my yard would look. That winter I became depressed almost every time I walked outside and looked at the scalped earth and the lack of vegetation. ...more

Resolved: To Stay Grey

A picture says a lot. A picture says nothing. It preserves a moment in time-but only on the visual level. It says nothing about motivation, intention, values, relationships, dreams. And, of course, it says everything about them. Here is a photo of my sisters and me: I'm the shortest, the youngest. It's a black and white photo, but we all had varying shades of blonde hair. This picture was probably taken around 1965. ...more

Oh-That V-Word!!! (Maybe Not What You Think)

A friend’s recent Facebook post about considering values to embody, rather than resolutions to make, for the coming year took me on a search. In the search, I found a wonderful list of values, enough for every day of the year, if one is so inclined—everything from abundance to depth to zeal.   ...more

Stories are Keys: An Interview with Tim Tingle

Stories are keys that unlock life’s mystery, beauty, and purpose. A bold statement, yes. And I believe it. Stories change our lives. They tell us about and shape our identity. Choctaw storyteller Tim Tingle says, “The stories of your family and friends are your key to who you are and how you came to be.” ...more

Stop Being Boring: Topics Besides the Weather

On Facebook right now, there is a group called I Survived the Oklahoma Blizzard of 2009. It has over 40,000 members. As I search around the blogs for something interesting to read, I keep finding posts about the weather. Really. Let's all collectively get over it. It's a boring topic--no matter how exciting the experience of "weatheriness" is. So what are some little-used, much more interesting topics for blogging? Here is my personal wish list: 10. The description of a page that you remember fascinating you from your favorite children's picture book. ...more

BOLO: Be On The Lookout

Be On the LookOut!   ...more

Sharing My Love of Poetry with You

I am a poet and storyteller who loves to travel to festivals and concerts with my Montgomery Ward typewriter, sharing a love of poetry by composing 60-minute poems with 3 words from an audience member. I have started a blog with the same purpose: So come on over and post 3 words, and I will journey them into poetry for you....more