New Year's Traditions or Superstitions???

  What to Eat, What to Wear & What to Do for Good Luck & Prosperity.  New Year's Eve traditions and superstitions have been a part of celebrations in all cultures since the beginning of time. Every country and culture has it's own unique routines and charms to influence the incoming year....more

in filipino culture alone, there are lots of new year traditions that are being followed but its ...more

New Years, New Persepctive or Same Numbness?

The Journey to Sagacity. This blog was started as a tool of a learning process. I titled the Blog as a reflection of that process. Some ask, What is "Sagacity"? Sagacity is defined as "...more

Holiday Stress...Don't Take it Personally

   As we enter Christmas Week, the air is getting thick with anxiety and trepidation. You hear all around you the words "Holiday Stress". These words are touted around the water cooler, in the newspaper and on the Evening News, as an outbreak of the latest disease. Let's address the idea of "stress"....more