A Lifelong Commitment to Support

Martin D. Ginsburg dies at 78.  Whether She or He earned more we can be assured Martin D. and Ruth Bader Ginsburg offered a model for creating a life where he was in support of a very successful woman. http://www.feministing.com/archives/021685.html....more

Relationships and Money - What if She Earns More?

Coach Joy Leach discusses how couples deal with women earning more. If you've dealt with this in your relationship please share your story and comments.Joy Leachhttp://www.sheearnsmore.comsheearnsmore@gmail.com ...more

Housework and the World According to “Stewart Martha”

Housework and the World According to “Stewart Martha” ...more

Women Earn More - Now What?

For most of our marriage, I’ve earned more money than my husband, Rich. So much more that, in fact, his work took a backseat to mine. Because I was on the road half of the time, our married and family life looked very different than most American households. ...more

What Nourishes You?

 Over the years I have been left with one thought after numerous conversations with women like your self -- how does she take care of herself?  I have often given homework in my coaching sessions with women who are trying to juggle it all to keep a list of what is happening to them in terms of self care. Rather than a long list they might forget I simply want them to be aware of two things:...more

Are you Happy?

  Are you happy?...more