Accounting Software Solutions...My Favorites!

So I get the question all the time from fellow accountants and small business owners alike... they ask me, Joyce... what’s out there and what’s a good accounting software solution for me and my business? Usually my answer is, “it depends”. I know my peeps hate it when I say that to them but I really do think that it depends. It depends on the needs of their business and the wants of the individual. What features are important, what’s high on their must have list, etc. ...more

More Than Just Work: Achieving Work-Life Balance

Studies show that stress is a killer. Finding work life balance can be hard. When you start a business, stress is inevitable... right?Maybe.  Maybe not. Stress doesn't have to be a part of the package. You can find some balance but you've got to start from the beginning. Make it a priority for you and your business right from the start....more