MAGIC HELP for Staying on Your Eating Program

Have you ever had a small object, maybe a smooth pebble or marble, that you carried to remind you of something - like a worry stone, or a ‘cross in my pocket'?  This is what a touchstone is: a standard (make it a positive standard) to help you make choices which help you reach your goal. With this in mind, I purchased some elastic, black beads, and alphabet beads. I went home and made a string of beads to put in my pocket that spells out MAGIC HELP. Each of these letters is a ‘touchstone' to help me to reach my goal. Here is what they stand for: ...more

Middle aged? Hadn't thought about it. Guess I am.

Hi - guess I am a middle aged single woman.  My kids are grown, their kids are young, I am nearing a turning point in my life.  And I am off on a new adventure.  50's going into 60's in a couple years.  I signed up for coaching to get into online 'business' and ended up addicted to blogging and social sites.  My 'niche' seems to be the area of body image.  I love that description.  I am so into the self image of women along with concern for their health and 'sanity'/peace of mind.  Anything I can share that might make someone else's life a litte better because of the way she looks a ...more

You've got some great blogs! I'll definitely be checking them from time to time.

I ...more