The Day Joy Almost Got Caught

You have everything organized and planned and layed out for NaBloPoMo. You planned for this year's NaBloPoMo because the past two years you participated, you struggled near the end to find things to write about. You did not have that problem this year.  This year NaBloPoMo was easy.  Ok easier. But then two days before NaBloPoMo is about to end?  Your friday gets hellish busy. You run around to get things done and you get those things done.  And you feel good about getting those things done. ...more

Baby Steps Baby Steps Baby Steps

wordle ...more

Busy Body Booster Butthead

It's a wonder my doctor thinks I may have a slight case of agoraphobia.  "Baby steps." she tells me.  "You need to try and get out more before this thing really grabs hold of you." she encourages me. ...more

Outside the Box

Outside The Box ...more

Blogger Diarrhea

I had a friend in school who liked to talk a lot.  Oh how 'K' loved to talk.  It didn't matter where she was or what she was doing, you would hear 'K' talking.  Loudly.  I can't remember for the life of me all the things 'K' used to talk about because I learned to tune her out about the second week of meeting her. ...more

It Followed Me Home....Can I Keep It?

I grew up in the country and when I was around 10 years old I was going for a walk down our country road.  There was a vehicle up ahead and I saw the door open and something tossed out.  If you live in the country you see this all too often.  Someone drove out to the country and tossed an animal out onto the gravel road. ...more

Acquaintences, Playmates or Friends....

I think today I'll write about some special ladies I met on Wednesday.  Debbie from A Step at a Time and Dawn from Colours of Dawn.  That's right.  Joy T. stepped out of her comfort zone, wrote an email to Debbie and asked if her and Dawn would like to go for coffee sometime.  And now that I've written this I have absolutely no idea why I wouldn't haven't written to Dawn personally instead of making Debbie ...more

I'm so glad you all got together. This is the essence of blogging for me too. And you've ...more

Country Living and Country Water

Gregg told me to stop talking the other day. Oh I know. FU-UUNY! Funny funny Gregg. The reason Gregg moaned and told me to stop talking was because I mentioned that it's been awhile since the pump's gone on our well. That's right. Good ol life on an acreage. And well water. ...more

I think maybe Gregg and I are related. It probably would have taken me two years to get around ...more