Big Pantry Organization for Less Than $100

I finally fully tackled a project that I've put off for quite some time. I was fired up, completely determined to get it to a level where I can say, "Now THAT's pretty!" I organized my pantry...on the cheap! For months, I have been watching a lot of YouTube and shopping at the Dollar Tree to get ideas and explore my options and now, all that effort has paid off ....more

Welcoming Spring

Last week was a busy, yet happy, time. My son was on his spring break and so we took advantage and visited family in the Midwest. Later during the week, we found ourselves back home but not for long ....more

Going to a Blog Conference When Your Blog is In-Between

I accepted that I would feel lost, insignificant, and of course, in limbo, amidst the sea of confident women who probably wouldn't care about me. Why should they? We don't really know each other. I've only related to some of them virtually and so we only "semi" know each other. We're in-between. ...more
Velvet S. Hi Velvet. We all get into a rut at times and I don't think any of us are immune. One ...more

Life in Between

The first time I became intimate with the word 'limbo' was with with my ex-boyfriend. A couple of months after we had broken up, we found ourselves in contact again, reconciled but not completely back together as a couple. There was so much to heal that he didn't feel ready to get back on track just yet ....more

Candy and the Cankersaur: A Book Review

*All opinions expressed in this post are my own. I was...more

Am I Really Doing This?

I can't believe that Daylight Saving Time starts this Sunday, March 8. Of course this only means one thing—that Spring is almost here. Plus of course the fact that I will most likely be grouchy on Sunday as we let our clocks 'spring forward' forcing me to lose one precious hour of sleep ....more

Fifty Strands of Grey


Fifty Strands of Grey

They're not sexy. But trust me, there's absolutely no shortage of gasps on my part every time I lay eyes on them. Thanks to this sense of horror, I'm also probably beating Anastasia Steele with the amount of "Oh my", "Jeez", "Crap" and "Holy Sh*t" that escape my mouth every time I take a good look at my head in the mirror ....more




I often find myself saying that word under my breath more than I would prefer, to be honest. Since I've never been a confrontational person and choosing my battles is a skill I've internalized very early on in my marriage, I'd have to say that this word is possibly a relationship game-changer and sanity savior....more