My One Year Blog Anniversary

About Us- One Year Later Exactly one year ago today I posted my first Bub and Teebs entry that I titled About Me . ...more
Happy Bloggiversary! Wishing you many more years of fabulous posts!more

On my Wedding Anniversary

Shrugging and Slowing Down: Happy Anniversary Today is our wedding anniversary. It's not exactly the celebratory day of romance I'd imagined, but nothing is ever really how I imagined. Somehow though, that always works out for the best. ...more

Conquering Winter with Rollerskates

From Little Victories with Bub and Teebs...more


Mothering I've been thinking a lot about mothering. About the word, the action, the fury of love that drives us to do it. I've been thinking a lot about mothering. What does it mean to be mothering? How is mothering different than being a mother? How, exactly, does one ensure they are mothering well? Why do we do it. Why do we so naturally, so effortlessly, devote every bit of being in ourselves to mothering babies? ...more

Moments that Matter

Moments that Matter Just over three months ago we drove for twelve straight hours, straight south, barely stopping for bathroom breaks to see my grandpa before he passed away. The intensity and urgency of that drive still haunts me. ...more

Sick Babies and Mama Strength

Sick Babies and Mama Strength Right now there are two sleeping babies in my house. My feet are propped up, my tired body is nicely settled into the cushions of the couch, the volume on the t.v. is turned almost all the way down, and the only thing I can hear is the gentle churning of the dishwasher in the background. It is almost peaceful. Which is a far cry from what this week has been. ...more

Things I Love.

Things I Love. Always, I've been writing. For as long as I can remember the way that words sound and feel and pound so heavily against my soul when they are togethertogethertogether in just those right ways has taken my breath away. Nothing has taken my breath away like writing until I became a mother, and now I get to write about being a mother....more