What Toddler Crafts & Art Projects Can We Do? 30 Ideas

Toddler crafts and art ideas can be fun to do when you have the right expectations. Try these 30 ideas for lots of toddler fun and craftiness! But its hard for this age to get crafty ....more

Colored Water Transfer Play for Toddlers

I’ve been revisiting old activities again, doing them with Louis this time. George and Henry have both enjoyed transferring colored water. This water activity is a no-brainer, no fail, and lots of fun! ...more

Junk Art Robot From the Making Box

Save your recycling for this one! Nicola from Multi Crafting Mummy is sharing a super cool Junk Art Robot that’ll have you keeping it all! Thank you to Jamie for having us over to share our Junk Art Robot with you all ....more

30 Fine Motor Activities for Toddlers! Pinch! Thread! Trace!

These fine motor activities for toddlers to do are simple and fun! As I’ve been working on the new eBooks (they’re coming out April 19, 2015), I’ve included a section of printables that showcase a slew of simple activities that cover the different types of activities we do...more

Pipe Cleaner Activity to Keep Kids Busy

I was so excited to do this fine motor activity again with Louis! See down below when Henry did this activity back when he was just barely three. Which brings up a point that I often forget myself ....more

How To Cook Dinner Without Your Kids Driving You Crazy

Four tips to get dinner on the table, without the craziness and no fights! Michelle, of Moms are Frugal, has four kids and manages it! Here’s her tips ....more

Beginner Object Line Tracing for Toddlers

To me, tracing for toddlers shouldn’t be on worksheets. I understand the reasoning for it, and applaud those of you that attempt it. As for my kids, they’re not going to sit and do a worksheet ....more

Substitutions for 3 Supplies You Don’t Have

I have recently surveyed my newsletter subscribers about why they don’t end up doing an activity with their kids. I asked what the main reason was. By far, the majority answer: I don’t have the right supplies ....more

The Secrets to Get Kids to Eat Healthy

We own and run a bakery and my kids are super picky. So, getting our kids to eat healthy foods is super tough. Luckily, Dr Orlean Kerek of Snotty Noses is sharing her secrets with me today! ...more