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Hi all.  I stink at hair.  Meaning, I stink at making braids, pony tails, etc.  I would rather hammer a bookcase together. ...more

"You Are Amazing!"


When a Mom is Discouraging - A Parent Coach Coaches Herself

I just got off the phone with my mom.  She called to say hello and to update me on my dad's upcoming visit to Israel.  We chatted a bit and I asked her whether or not she read my latest post/article on my weblog  She was featured in the article and I thought that she would appreciate reading it. ...more

The Germs...They're Hurting My Feelings

The other night - in the middle of the night - my 4 year old daughter called out for me.  Well it was more like yelled for me.  MOMMY! So my four year old daughter is a sweetheart with a lot of energy and God has blessed her with a loud voice.  We've tried to teach her how to whisper, but to no avail.  She just has a loud voice... Me, in bed (awake now): Okay, maybe she'll go back to sleep.  (louder now)  MOMMY!! Maybe she'll still go back to sleep. (Even louder) MOMMY!!!!! ...more

The Power of Listening

Last year I enrolled both of my children in an after-school gymnastics class at the local Y. My daughter was three and my son was four at the time. I was excited that they would be able to participate in a fun activity together after school and I knew that they would enjoy the class. ...more

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“Turn Baby Turn” - Lessons Learned from Being Supported in a REAL Way

  My youngest daughter rolled over for the first time when she was 3 1/2 months old.  Her two older siblings were very excited about their baby sister’s new accomplishment and cheered her on at each turn.  As most babies, however, once she turned from her back onto her stomach, she had a difficult time turning from her stomach onto her back.  She squirmed and struggled and often ended up crying if someone had not come in to turn her over. ...more