You Are Not Alone!

It's amazing to me how many people flash me a familiar smile or nod when I mention I'm ADD.  There are some people who laugh and say it's an excuse (usually in nicer words), or those who try to convince me that everyone struggles with the same issues.  Some of these I'm convinced are ADD as well.  Others nod in agreement as if to say, "Yeah, you are!"  Then there are those who I know know all about it because they're ADD too.  I don't think people truly know the affects of ADD unless they or someone they're close to has ADD....more

A Little Grace Goes A Long Way

A few weeks ago I was rushing around the house getting ready to leave for our two week vacation.  We would be flying out and the kids and I would be driving back in a new-to-us van.  I tried hard that week to not procrastinate, to get everything done, to not stress myself out at the last minute--you know, my usual MO.  I did have most everything packed a couple days in advance, but my house was a complete disaster.  I had neglected laundry for far too long.  To make it worse I had decided to go through all the kids' and my clothes that didn't fit and organize them....more

Reaching for The Stars--Changing The World with ADHD

When the movie How To Train Your Dragon came out in theatres I was excited to take my then 3 year old daughter.  Daughter is a very princessy and girlie type of girl.  However, she loves action as well.  You just can't put her in a box because you never know what will spark her interest.  We both fell in love with the movie.  And I was stoked that she wanted a How To Train Your Dragon birthday party.  The movie was awesome, and it touched my heart.  I'm not sure if I made the connection when I watched it at the theatre.  I was distracted by my not-so-...more