Strawberry Cherry Coriander Ice Cream

No one should ever have to go without ice cream. It's just bound to happen. ...more

Roasted Veggie Tacos with Hibiscus Tortillas

It's going to be a very colorful Cinco de Mayo this year. I went to a fun restaurant in Denver with my daughter that had a vegetarian taco made with hibiscus corn tortillas. ...more

Coconut Coconut Chocolate Cupcakes

I went to Orange Theory today and worked my guts out. ...more

Coconut- Almond Milk Spiced Hot Chocolate

I have consumed a large amount of hot chocolate this winter. I love a cup of hot cocoa about 8 o'clock at night. ...more

Homemade Coconut Milk

There are times when I want a thin, drinkable coconut milk. Without added ingredients or thickeners. Just coconut milk ....more

Avocado Smoothie Bowl with Pomegranate and Cocoa Nibs

Miracles do happen! Not too long ago one of my son's friends reminded me that it had been 6 MONTHS SINCE MY LAST POST! ...more

Thanksgiving 2015

I'm alive! ...more

Jammin' in My Kitchen with Blackberries, Raspberries and Tomatoes

I'm almost back. I'm busy preserving the the amazing fruits and vegetables from my garden. ...more

Homemade Ginger Ale

This past January I went to Kona, Hawaii to bring my parents home who were serving as missionaries for the past year. ...more

Two Spring Tarts for Mother's Day

Is it a good idea to have two pies for brunch on Mother's Day? Why not? ...more