Brownies: The Cure For What Ails Ya

I am eating a brownie. A very large brownie. I'd take a picture, but since it is approximately the size of Nebraska, it is a teensy bit embarrassing.  Alright, already, it may look exactly something like this:...more

My View Today and Yesterday and the Day Before


I Am Hooked on Crocheting

 I am proud of:  a really great crochet project. ...more

So Much of You, So Much of Me

So much of me goes into you. I am privileged in what I get do This mothering. I know, at this time, you need so much of me. The bouts of crying, temper tantrums and defiance. The snuggles and kisses.  Arms that stretch long and wide. Being seven must be hard. A trying time. First grade woes are big ones in your world. In our little Jubilant world. I cover you with prayer.  Often.  Again and again. And I am not ashamed to admit, I cover myself in prayer...more

Is "Financial Peace" an Oxymoron?

Tonight was our second class in the Financial Peace series. I think Dave Ramsey put it best when he said that those two words don't usually go together. It's the best oxymoron I can think of: Financial Peace ...more

Familial Photo Joy


I Cannot Live Without My Mini Keurig