It’s Time To Be Kind To Family Caregivers

November is National Family Caregivers Month,...more

Helpful Skin Care Tips When The Chill Is On

It’s finally getting chilly outside and the heat is starting to kick in. You know what that means! My aging skin is going to dry out and more wrinkles are going to sink in ....more

My Foodie Retirement Project: “1000 Foods To Eat Before You Die”

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Do You Want To Be Happier in 2016? “Choices” Can Help!

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Now Is The Time To Get Your Flu Shot

“Will you join me for my flu shot?” I asked my boyfriend L. “We can go together this year to get our shots. You’ll hold my hand, since I am really not a fan of the needle.” Plus, CVS asked me to participate in their #StayHealthyWithCVS campaign*, so I asked...more

My First-Ever Twitter Interview With @Encorepreneur

This week, I was asked to participate in a #EncoreChat interview on Twitter @Encorepreneur, hosted by Judi Bonilla, aging expert. Judi runs Encorepreneur 101, a resource for entrepreneurs 50+. Through her website, she offers advice, information, inspiration, and resources to boomers who are pursuing startups at 50+ ....more

My Post 50 Yoga Journey: It’s About Mind, Body, and Spirit

“Welcome to yoga training Methods & Techniques I,” said my instructor B as she...more

How To Look Beautiful With Mineral Makeup

This week, I’m pleased to bring you an interview with entrepreneur Lisa Liguori, creator...more

My River Cruise on the Douro – Spotlight on Salamanca

“Tomorrow we rise early for our excursion to the golden city of Salamanca,” said our program director Jorge on our Viking river cruise on the Douro in Portugal.* “We’re going to Spain,” I said to my boyfriend L. “You’ll finally be able to get an authentic paella. Are you going to join me for this excursion?”...more