BlogHer--Why Not Live Up To Your "Empowerment" Tagline?

For a network that purports to advance and "empower" women, BlogHer is doing very little to advance women in science.In my travels, I connected with another woman scientist that also feels she's beating her head against a brick wall to get BlogHer to feature anything but mindless "fluff," and feature some articles on what women are doing in their respective scientific fields.  Each time we suggest, we are met with, "We'll pass that on :)."  Yes, with the smiley.  Shaking my head here.......more
bakeatmidnite Nicely put ;) I've sent it out via twittermore

Just A Suggestion

Perusing your offerings here.......more

This Site and Posting To It Leaves A LOT To Be Desired (among other things but I haven't got 3 weeks to write it)

Good grief, do you make ANYTHING easy to do on this site?This rich-text editor is a NIGHTMARE.  You can't upload an image from your computer?  It has to be hosted somewhere?I write for Examiner and their editor is a breeze--inserts pics, highlights links, copy and paste PLAIN text.I honestly can't see why anyone sings the praises of this place...everything but EVERYTHING is an uphill climb....more
You know I just.have to add that just.because an image is "hosted" it does not mean its not ...more

Bacon Ranch Potaotes

Definitely more than a side dish...these potatoes are a meal!Potatoes?  Bacon (YEAH!)? Cheese?  These are three words of pure ecstasy.  How can you go wrong?...more