Birthday Magic at Farrel-McWhirter Farm Park

I love it when...more

Seattle Childrens Museum

Earlier this week, we had a day full of adventure at the Seattle Childrens Museum, which is situated in the lower level of the Armory at the Seattle Center. The museum allowed her to try on differents hats for different careers, such as Fire Fighter, or Bus Driver. The global village...more

Eat Healthy with Thrive Market

This post contains affiliate links. Since my cancer diagnosis, we have worked very hard to maintain a healthy diet. This can be quite difficult at times ....more

Caring for the Skin You’re In: Cancer, Cellulitis and The Lymphedema Treatment Act

Right now, I’m sitting in the heat, with this hot computer on my lap, and every fan in the house aimed at me while I try to type with just my left hand. My right hand is out of commission and elevated on a pile of pillows. This scenario is not conducive to getting much writing done – or to adequately being there for...more

Hot Air and Self-Care

The air is thick, weighty; at times it feels oppressive. This Alaskan girl is not ideally suited for this kind of heatwave. But I know there are some...more

Breakfast and Legos

The summer heat chased us from the apartment early; we were left wandering, in search of breakfast and air conditioning. What we found were legos. Lots and lots of legos ....more

Describe Parenthood Using Only Movie Titles

Earlier this week, I tried something different on my facebook page, and invited friends to describe parenthood using only the titles of movies, and the results were hilarious. ...more

Amazon Prime Day – July 15, 2015

This post contains affiliate links. With more deals than Black Friday,’s Prime Day is shaping up to be the deal of the year. The party...more

A Note to Mom | Listen to Your Mother

The day before Mother’s Day, thirteen Seattle area writers came together to share their thoughts and observations on motherhood at Seattle’s inaugural production of the Listen to Your Mother show. I was one of those writers. Today, videos of each segment of the show were release ....more

When cancer complicates body image and parenting

My bald head was covered with a baseball cap and I...more