What your mom wants for Mothers Day

She wants the handmade crafts – the pictures, the paintings, the little scuplptures, the handprints, the inedible breakfast – But the coffee, she wants the coffee to be good, so if you haven’t mastered that skill yet, step aside She wants to laugh without peeing her pants She wants her great aunt’s ring back that you tried on because it was sparkly but then lost somewhere in your bedroom She wants you to clean your room She wants some privacy in the bathroom She wants you to know that loves hearing you say mom, or mama, or mommy, or mumum or whatever it is you say – It’s the most beautiful sound in the world to her, until you say it 30 times in a row – or if you say it after bedtime She wants a nap She wants some help around the house She wants you to eat your vegetables – Yes, those of you who are grown up, you too She wants you to soar, but she wants you to remember where you came from – and she wants a hug and a kiss before you go She wants you to call more She wants you to chase your dreams, but do it safely and wear your seatbelt She wants more for you than she ever dreamed possible for herself She wants you to be happy, but not just a momentary glee, but the deep soulful happiness that comes when you are using your body, heart and mind to their potential She wants you to know that you completely changed her on a cellular level and through every aspect of her life She wants a litle respect and She wants you to know that she loves you Ok, Moms, leave me a note; What else do you want for Mothers Day If you are in the Seattle area, celebrate your mom and motherhood by joining us at the inaugural production of Listen to Your Mother in Seattle. I will be joining a cast of 11 local writers sharing the joy, the pain, and the mess of motherhood. This show will be pee your pants funny, with a side of tears ....more

The birds and the bees of butterflies

We got our six-year-old a butterfly habitat for her birthday. Essentially, it’s a mesh enclosure that comes with a gift certificate for caterpillars. The caterpillars were quiet at first, but after a few days, they got active and started spinning themselves into their cocoons ....more

Lisa Bonchek Adams

It has been almost exactly 5 years since my world was turned upside down with the words “It’s cancer.” In those years, there have been many things that sustained me: my family, my friends. I know I’ve written extensively about how my girls in YSC have held me up and helped me keep it together. But another thing that helped me through this hell-ride of cancer survivorship is the voices of other bloggers with cancer ....more

Listen to Your Mother

I’m supposed to be on vacation right now. Actually, I AM on vacation right now, hidden away on a cabin on an island with a few close friends, but I just had to share something. I recently...more

How to deal with disappointment

I know that one of my jobs as a parent is to teach her how to deal with disappointment – but not like this; this isn’t what I had in mind. We should be working on learning how to gracefully accept that she gets what she gets for dinner, and not necessarily a doughnut. We should be working on accepting the fact that she’s not getting a pony for her birthday ....more

Here’s to the moms

To the mom who brings her child her own cup cake to a kid’s birthday party, I know you get looks from the other parents, but I understand. Food sensitivities are nothing to mess with. I know you stayed up late working on that cupcake ....more

Traveling to Alaska

I’m thinking about going to Alaska. Next week. Who goes to Alaska in February? ...more

Comparing Pain

She wanted to talk to me about cancer, but she hesitated. She was worried because her cancer wasn’t as bad as mine. When I finally realized the reason for the hesitation, the trepidation in her voice, my heart dropped ....more

Genuine Smiles

I have the hardest time getting good shots of my daughter these days. When she sees me coming with the camera, she either hides, makes a face, or if she pastes on a fake smile that just doesn’t look like her at all. I can relate ....more

Vera Beautified Me for Get Hitched Give Hope

I was getting ready for Get Hitched Give Hope, an amazing, annual charity event that pairs wedding planners and vendors with happy couples planning their nuptials, with the proceeds benefiting two organizations that support people living with cancer: the Young Survival Coalition and the Dream Foundation. ...more