Yarn Report – Week 34, 2014

Hey . . I used something! ...more

On the Needles

On the Grass is finished! I can hardly wait til it gets cold so I can wear it. Last night I was looking at the weather forecast in MO and wondering if ....more

On the Grass Almost Finished

Just finished the second sleeve. You probably think I say this about every sweater I make but I LOVE this one! All I have left to do is add a little ribbing to finish off the neck ....more

Restaurant Menu

The other night when Vince and I left the restaurant where we had eaten – where his steak was dry and overcooked and where I got a pork chop after having ordered a beef filet, we left kinda shaking our head that the whole meal was below average at best. We decided . . it’s […] ...more

Greek Yogurt

After the yogurt posts recently, several have asked about making Greek yogurt. ...more

Prickly Pear Jelly

The prickly pears are ripe and the fields and along side the roads, they are everywhere! It’s so hard to pass them up. Vince has been chomping at the bit to stop every time we see them and I kept telling him ....more

Carpenter Star Quilt Finished

Nicole wanted a quilt for her grandpa and our plan was that she and I would make a Carpenter Star quilt for him when I was there next time. She chose the colors and I have the fabric all packed up to bring but my trip there keeps getting delayed so Nicole asked me if […] ...more

The Easiest Pickles Ever

My friend, Sarah, has been making these pickles I think since we were in high school. From time to time, I forget about making them and she reminds me. They are sweet and crunchy and we love them ....more


Like so many areas, we have such beautiful sunsets....more

Dinner Tonight

We went to a fairly new restaurant tonight for dinner....more