New To You Knit Along

As I’ve shared before, Eat, Sleep, Knit has 12 Knit Alongs for us to do in 2015, along with about a million “badge” challenges. Of course, I want to get them all done, and earn the maximum yardage for all the Knit Alongs. For most Knit Alongs, I’ve not had any trouble coming up with […] ...more

Cabbage Rolls

Some days I feel like I should be a spokeswoman for Pressure Cooking Today! I love everything on that website. When I was at Chad and Nicole’s, Nicole and I wanted to make cabbage rolls but Chad threatened us with having to sleep with the dog if we cooked cabbage rolls ....more

On the Needles – August 28, 2015

I’ll do a separate blog post about this because I think it’s interesting! This is my first shot at entrelac . . and I love it! ...more

Update on a Few More Trees

We now have 8 Meyer Lemon trees and one Key Lime, all in pots so they can be moved into the greenhouse when it’s cold. My little Key Lime has a ton of limes and has decided to break out in full bloom again. ...more

Our One Jujube

We planted our one jujube in 2012 and it was merely a twig! We had looked all over the place for jujube trees and couldn’t find any locally, most online are outrageously expensive and we were about to give up finding one when a blog reader put me in contact with a guy in CA […] ...more

Blogging Slump

Sometimes I feel like a moody blogger. There are days when I can’t stop writing blog posts. It seems like there are dozens of things I want to share with you each day ....more

Camp Loopy Project Finished

This project was dragging out way too long. I don’t known why . . I needed to use almost 4 skeins of the Cascade 220 yarn in order to meet the minimum 800 yard requirement ....more

Cat Update

Cat is still here. I’m going to refer to her as a “he” because Vince is so sure it’s a he but I’m so sure it’s a she, simply because tortoise shell cats are almost always girls but . . Vince can be right ....more

Design Wall – August 24, 2015

Nothing new to add .. I’ve done a bit of sewing over the past couple of days but nothing worthy of showing .. yet ....more

No Complaining

I said . . I’m not going home from Missouri and complaining about Texas. The funny thing is ....more