Design Wall – September 22, 2014

Two more jack-o-lantern blocks have been added and a giraffe! The giraffe is for a different project. You know my motto ....more

Stash Report – Week 38, 2014

Nothing added and nothing used: Used this Week: 0 yardsUsed year to Date: 59 yardsAdded this Week: 0 yardsAdded Year to Date: 0 yardsNet: 59 yards used ...more

Chicken Babies

The bantam babies are hatching. They’ll probably all be yellow or black or some combination of yellow and black and it will be a few weeks before they begin taking on their colors. It’s going to be such an interesting mix ....more

Yarn Report – Week 38, 2014

Another week with nothing added. Yay!! Do you think I’m cured of my yarn buying? ...more

On the Needles – September 19, 2014

I finished the jack-0-lantern sweater and got started on Addie’s Carabe. ...more

Addie’s Family

How about this for the cutest family ever? OK . . they’re no cuter than your family but they’re pretty darned cute if you ask me! ...more

Jack-o-Lantern Sweater Finished

All the sweaters I’ve made so far were top down and knit in the round. The sleeves extended from the shoulders, after a few rounds, they were put on waste yarn and then picked up later and finished in the round. This little doozy was knit bottom up, front was one piece, back was one […] ...more

Powdered Milk

This is a funny story and I’m sure I’ve told it on here before. When Y2K was approaching, I wasn’t nearly as prepared as I am now and I pretty much did what everyone else was saying they were doing so I bought instant non-fat powdered milk. This is not the same box that I […] ...more

Dinner Tonight

We had too much food to use the new luncheon plates but it was ok . . dinner was delicious! That’s a sweet potato from the garden, venison from the back yard, with cream/horseradish sauce, green beans and homemade bread ....more

We’re Getting An Aldi

I know many of my readers will think I’m nuts for getting so excited about a grocery store but . . we’re getting an Aldi. I would never have dreamed that would happen ....more