Thunderstorms in the spring are a fact of life around here but . . a dog that flips out with even the most distant thunder . . that’s about to get the best of me ....more

Pioneer Quest

Vince in charge of finding our shows on Netflix or Amazon or Kodi – whatever he uses . . I have no idea how it all works. Since we gave up cable over 3 years ago, not only have we saved...more

Garden Bounty

Yesterday I spent hours working in the garden, mostly adding Epsom Salts to the tomatoes, weeding the beans and artichoke patch. ...more

Anasazi Beans

We have beans! Not ready to eat yet but at least I see beans! You can’t believe how happy I am to see these beans ....more

Making Mom Proud

Yesterday Nicole was wanting some of Chad’s good tuna salad or chicken salad so he smoked chicken, made chicken salad. With homemade bread and chicken salad, of course you need homemade mayonnaise. I was telling Vince about it and he said “I guess he learned a lot from you!” ...more


Yesterday, for some reason, I had the hungries for hummus. I knew I had everything I needed so I dug out the garbanza beans, lemons, olive oil, garlic, salt . . wait ....more

Cat Did It Again!

I never know if Cat is trying to make me have a heart attack or, in his own, way .. he’s trying to get close to me. Last night I had been working in the garden and it was almost dark when I was finished ....more

Tallulah is Finished!

This was a very quick knit and anyone needing a project for a little girl, I loved making this sweater. The pattern is Tallulah and it comes in sizes newborn to 10 years. The sweater was still wet when I took the picture ....more

Design Wall Monday – May 23, 2016

Nothing new to show on my design wall. Hopefully you’re doing better than I am! What’s on yours? ...more

Lemon Squash

First, it gets its name from the shape, not the flavor. It does not have a lemon flavor at all. I knew that but guess I hadn’t shared that with Vince ....more