A Bit of Face Painting

There was a Fall Festival in Nevada (MO) last weekend and Chad and Nicole were there and took Addie. I snagged this photo from Nicole’s mom’s Facebook page. She looks pretty proud of her bumble bee, doesn’t she? ...more

The Worms!

Our well house has turned into a worm condo. The new set up for the red wigglers is working well and they seem happy. Time will tell ....more

Boots .. He’s Everywhere!

Cats are a heck of lot different than dogs but I suppose everyone knows that. Speck is so old and he’s so small, he’s never really been a lot of trouble but . . Boots ....more

Design Wall – September 15, 2014

Well, well . . there’s something new on my design wall! ...more

Canning Beans

You might wonder why folks would take the time to can dry beans. We love beans – pinto beans, red beans, black beans, navy beans, garbanzo beans, black eyed peas . . any kind of beans but sometimes I don’t cook them because even using the pressure cooker, it takes longer than opening a can […] ...more

Stash Report – Week 37, 2014

I used some fabric! It wasn’t for a quilt related project but it’s used nonetheless. Nothing was added ....more

Marking Jars

When canning, I don’t always label my jars. Things that I know will get consumed this year and things I can look in the jar and see exactly what it is, I usually don’t worry about labeling. But when I could be confused about what’s in the jar, I label and anything that I think […] ...more

Yarn Report – Week 37, 2014

Yes, yarn arrived but it was just three skeins for Loopy Academy. Addie’s pumpkin sweater is almost finished but almost doesn’t count so . . nothing used ....more

On the Needles – September 12, 2014

Still working on Addie’s jack-0-lantern sweater. One sleeve is done. One more sleeve to go and then I’ll sew the pieces together ....more

Country Living

Today, I had to laugh. There are so many times when I think “I wish my old friends could see me now!” I was out gathering eggs and at one of the coops, I happened to look up and where the front and back roof come together, there’s about a 1″ space. There was a […] ...more