Jelly/Jam Recipes with Pomona’s Pectin

While looking for Pomona’s Pectin recently, I came across this book. The recipes in here are for the most part all water bath canned so you don’t have to have a huge canner. They’re mostly all small quantity (4 – 5 half pints), though the recipes using Pomona’s Pectin can be doubled or tripled ....more

On the Needles – August 29, 2014

Robie Street is on my needles. This is a pattern I was testing for Laura Aylor and she released it yesterday. Through September 3, it’s on sale for $3.60 ....more

The Plucky Knitter

Why is it that we want what we can’t get? Am I the only one who feels that way? Tell me I’m not! ...more

Scorpions and Snakes

Last night Vince was sitting in his recliner, and unlike most of the time when he’s in his recliner, he was awake! ...more

Cute Buttons

First, ...more

Knit Companion . . Again

You know I would never try to talk you into buying something that I don’t absolutely love and think is worth every dime of the cost? I’ve mentioned Knit Companion on here before and everyone I talk to who has purchased it loves it! I feel like me giving advice on anything computer related is […] ...more

He’s Trying!

Poor Vince . . he’s trying. It’s kind of overwhelming for him because he has to take care of all the chickens, water the few remaining things in the garden (okra, sweet potatoes, cucumbers, artichokes and a few herbs), take care of Boots’ needs, take care of Speck’s needs, take the garbage out and ....more

Men! Vince is

Men! Vince is trying so hard to be helpful but I think men don’t have the “helpful when sick” gene! The first time I fell asleep, Vince came in the house ....more

Left Side Stones

Today was the day for surgery on the left side. Lithotripsy was scheduled and I don’t know why they call it surgery because it doesn’t seem like surgery to me . . I think of stitches and scars when I think of surgery ....more

Design Wall – August 25, 2014

Nothing has changed . ....more