On the Needles – March 27, 2015

On my needles at the moment – a Booga Bag. There are several size Booga Bags. I think my pattern has a small and medium ....more

Two Snake Stories

There are no pictures .. stop holding your breath! ...more

Solar Panels After Hail

Because many of you have asked what happens to solar panels when it hails, I can now give you a report. We’ve all heard of hail that ...more

A Crazy 24 Hours

If you get squeamish with dead stuff . . read no farther. In the past 24 ....more

Dinner Tonight

Tonight we had the Beef Enchiladas I mentioned this morning. They were so darned easy to make and they were delicious! We also had Spanish Rice but I don’t like that so it isn’t on my plate ....more

Daddy’s Girl

I’ve always heard that sons and moms were most often closer than sons and dads and, on the other hand, daughters are often closer to their dads. It seems to hold true even with our dogs. Speck, a male, has always been my dog nad he’s always been partial to me ....more

The Pressure Cookers

A bunch of us bought our electric pressure cookers before Christmas and I was just wondering if you’re all using them and loving them? Mine is the Cuisinart model but some of you got the Instant Pot (and probably other models) and I’m wondering what you all think. I never like having things sitting on […] ...more

Happy Chickens

The chickens love spring. I don’t know that for a fact but they seem happy and helpful. They’re back to running loose, chasing and eating grasshoppers to help save the garden and munching on spiders to keep their mom from being bitten! ...more

Customer Service, Where Have You Gone?

Last week we called the investment company we use because it was time to make my IRA contribution for 2014. Vince was talking to them because I’d rather he do all that kind of stuff but the guy on the phone told him “That account is frozen because of some kind of suspicious activity . […] ...more

Spider Bite Update

The best news is . . I can walk again! My foot is very sore and I can’t put much weight on it and I can’t wear a shoe (except my slippers) so there’s not much outside work getting done ....more