Kynance Cove Sweater

Kynance Cove...more

Kombucha Bread

Another batch of kombucha was bottled up last night. The dark bottles are the tart cherry that will go into the fridge today, after two days of fermenting on the counter. The light bottles are the ones I bottled last night and the added fruit juice is Cran-Apple ....more

Adding Lights

I looked at this photo this morning and thought . . I should have you guess as to what I’m trying to show you because this picture surely doesn’t give you much info! ...more

Kombucha Update

Kombucha is merely a fermented tea that supposedly has health benefits. There’s a wealth of info on the internet about it but this is one site with info I found interesting. Before ...more

Dinner Tonight

You guessed it . . another dinner from the pressure cooker. Ter It’s Teriyaka Chicken Wings, leftover mac and cheese and baked sweet potato ....more

Design Wall – December 15, 2014

There was a little bit of sewing this week . . not enough. I now have 17 blocks done but I forgot to take a picture and I have a dentist appointment first thing this morning so by the time I get myself ready, get the critters all taken care of . ....more

More Pressure Cooker Meals

Yesterday I never got around to sharing what I had cooked in the pressure cooker and I knew you were all dying to know! ...more

A Funny Yarn Story

I love it when things work out like this. Since I’m really determined to use what I have here, and not buy more yarn, this incident made me smile. Laura Aylor, one of my favorite knitting designers, is having a special “Just for You” project ....more

Stash Report – Week 50, 2014

I was so hoping to use at least 100 yards this year but I doubt that’s going to happen. Maybe I can do it next year. Do you have a goal for how many yards you’d like to use next year? ...more

Sewing Room Yarn

Gwen asked if the yarn already in the sewing room was organized in the same way as the yarn I’ve been organizing. Pretty much! The picture is a bit blurry ....more