Quick Knitted Gifts

There are two knitted items I’ve recently seen on Ravelry that I’d like to share with those of you who knit. These would make great Christmas gifts, though maybe at this point, they would be better for next year. First, this 12 oz ....more

Mini Apple Pie in the Air Fryer

The air fryer is really helping or hurting our weight loss plan . . depending on how you look at it. I’m thinking that on those occasions when we want a little treat, it’s better to have something homemade than to buy a bag of store bought cookies, right? ...more

Knitting for Sanity

This morning I came across this article about finding time for yourself and quick things we can do to relieve some stress. I really don’t have much stress and I’m very thankful. I don’t work outside the home ....more

Healthy Eating Report – Week 9

We’ve decided that if we can manage to get through the holidays without gaining, we’ll be doing great, and then we can work on losing again after the holidays. Is that a plan or an excuse? Week 1: Lost 9.2 pounds Week 2: Lost 4.6 pounds (13.8 total to date) Week 3: Lost 1.8 pounds […] ...more

Homemade Hand Cream

This is a copied blog post from March, 2010 and it continues to be one of my most popular posts. I’ve made this cream over and over and am never without it. I’ve given it to many people and they always love it ....more

Note to Tricia

Tricia had asked about my one best piece of advice for losing weight and since a couple of others have wanted to hear my response, here’s a modified version of my response to her. ...more

Ad Update

While I’m updating...more

Do Not Bite The Hand That Feeds You

That is apparently advice my dear husband has never learned! ...more

On the Needles – December 9, 2016

Two main projects on my needles right now: First is the test knit shawl: Second is Addie’s vest: If I get any knitting time at all this weekend, I should be able to finish it. The left front/shoulder still has to be done, along with the hood, front ribs and ribbing around the sleeve opening. […] ...more

Cat Update

I should never have made friends with Cat . . she’s giving me gray hair (or should I say . . MORE gray hair?) ....more