This morning when I went over to spend some time with Boots, the cat, who Vince insists we name “Cat” (and I probably should be thankful after he named the dog “Rita”), was stretched out on the rocks over by the tall weeds. I am able to get closer before she starts hissing and runs […] ...more

New Freezer Made It

Not only did the new freezer arrive exactly the day it was supposed to but the old one didn’t go out before the new one got here. I was keeping my fingers crossed. The old one, which is 3 years old and I’m not very happy about that, will become a cold smoker for Vince ....more

On the Needles – July 31, 2015

I figured I’d have this sweater finished and something else done by now but I’m only a little over halfway done with that last sleeve. I’m going to finish that sleeve, weave in the ends and block it before I start the Camp Loopy third project so I’d better get busy with this sweater. What’s […] ...more

Garden Shields

We have been invaded by what I call grass spurs but I’ve been told the correct name for the is grass burs but no matter what you call them, they hurt like heck and my garden is so full of them that I can’t even walk through there. I tried my best to keep them […] ...more

Stalking the Bunnies

This morning I was headed out to pick some basil and I noticed the cat sitting near the edge of the yard. He’s usually on the other side of the house, towards the woods. See him sitting near the pipe fence? ...more

Funny Obituary

Something almost doesn’t seem right about blogging about someone’s obituary but . . I guess if someone has such a funny obit, they would want it shared. Almost every night, I read the obituaries from my home town ....more

Cheesy Corn Quiche

Yesterday morning Vince left to go work. Nothing unusual there, huh? ...more

The Bioidentical Hormones

It was back in April that I mentioned that I was going to try bioidentical hormones. Many of you responded that they were working so well for you and some responded that they didn’t work so well. I’m in that camp where they didn’t work so well ....more

Trying to Tame the Cat

Last night while I was watering my plants on the side of the house, Vince was trying to get close to the cat. He had a bag of treats and the cat was hiding behind the weeds but she wanted no part of being friendly....more

Taste in Magazines

Do you think your magazine subscriptions would indicate a lot about you? Can you think back to a time when the magazines you read were totally different from the ones you read today? ...more