Taste in Magazines

Do you think your magazine subscriptions would indicate a lot about you? Can you think back to a time when the magazines you read were totally different from the ones you read today? ...more

Someone Pinch Me

At Eat, Sleep, Knit, not only do they have the Yarnathon with the badges and knit alongs going on but they also send a scratch off ticket with each order. ...more

Cat Conversation

Here’s sure fire proof that my husband is not listening to a word I’m saying while he’s shopping online and I’m discussing something as important as the sex of our new cat. Me: ...more

All But One Sleeve Done

For some reason, I thought that I had finished the ribbing around the collar and front before I put this sweater away. I knew one sleeve was done but when I got it out to start working on it, I had only done 3″ of ribbing. The pattern called for 4-1/2 or 4-3/4″ (can’t remember […] ...more

Kinda Quiet

Old Speck is at the vet today having his teeth cleaned and it’s quiet and weird around here without him. Since he can’t hear, he apparently never knows we’re about to step on him and he stops right in front of us so even without him around, I keep watching out for him and trying […] ...more

Design Wall – July 27, 2015

I did think more about sewing this week and almost turned on the machine yesterday so . . maybe this week I’ll sew a bit. What’s on your design wall? ...more

Loofah is Getting Ready

Yesterday I noticed there were a few loofah that were dry enough to pull from the vines. When they’re ready to pick, they’re very shriveled looking and when shaken, the seeds rattle around inside. The next to end one on the right could have been left a little longer but the vines/leaves are so thick, […] ...more

Fabric Report – Week 30, 2015

Nothing in . . nothing out. Should I just go ahead and make these posts for the rest of the year or should I hold out hope that I ...more

Happy Anniversary

Not to us but to 3M. Today is the celebration for 3M’s 50th year in Brownwood. They had catered lunch – yummy fajitas and all the trimmings, the shaved ice trucks, the 3M race car was on display and there were plant tours ....more

Kynance Cove is Finished

Last night when Vince started to go to bed, I told him I was staying up til I finished Kynance Cove and about midnight, I was re-thinking my decision but I persevered and it’s done! Next step . . block it, then weave in all those ends, then sew on buttons then ....more