Insurance is one of those things that we just never think about . . we have to have it so we pay it and don’t look back. We’ve had the same insurance company for our cars and house for at least 10 years ....more

Pink Peanut Patties

They’re basically sugar and peanuts .. with a little red dye thrown in because they’re known as “Pink” Peanut Patties! Can you buy these where you live? ...more

Mouse Trips

Last week after seeing all the mice in the shop, Vince set out about a dozen sticky traps. I cautiously entered the shop the next morning, expecting to find mice in every trap but .. no mice ....more


It’s now time to start my 12th and final Knit Along project . . Hitofude! Every single time I type that, I type Hitofudge ....more

Beekeeper’s Tank Finished

If I had to guess what took away my quilting mojo, I’d guess that it was deadlines and doing projects from fabric I didn’t choose. While I was so happy to have my designs featured in magazines, most often lately, I was sent fabric to use and it rarely was fabric I would have chosen. […] ...more

Design Wall – October 5, 2015

It was 12:24 a.m. when I began to write this post last night/early this morning. I glanced down at the corner of my computer screen to make sure I was putting the correct date . . since I never know the date any more ....more

Temperature Differences

Every place has its unique/weird weather. ...more

Stash Report – Week 40, 2015

I used about 1/4 yard of fabric – ties for staking the tomatoes! I’m not even counting it though because I don’t like having partial yards in my numbers and who knows when I may use more fabric to get me back to whole numbers. Used this Week: 0 yards Used year to Date: 46 […] ...more

Old Speck

Speck hasn’t been the topic of a blog post lately so I figured I’d share a photo of two of him. He’s so grumpy but he’s 15 years old. According to an age calculator, that translates to 76 human years, which isn’t ancient since he’s had such good care and treatment ....more

Nicole’s Omena

A few weeks ago, someone shared a link to the pattern, Omena. I thought it looked like something Nicole would like to make and wear so I sent her the link and she loved it. I ordered the yarn for each of us to make one ....more