We Got Robbed Again!

Life can sometimes be great I will admit.  Life can be a real stinker in the toilet too!Like today for example.  I got up thinking today was going to be a beautiful day.  The sun was shining beautifully and I was ready to send my son off to college for his first day.  Even though he was having relationship problems and a nervous stomach relating to that and his college jitters, it was still turning out to be a glorious day....more
I am so sorry. :(more

The Recipe Worked, But I'm Exhausted

I am not afraid of my kitchen.  I will experiment with new recipes even though my kids are deathly afraid of food.  They enjoy grilled cheese, hamburgers, cereal, chicken nuggets, etc. and I completely blame my mother-in-law for that only because she doesn't have a computer and she doesn't read my blog. ...more

Can't Get Enough

Hi, my name is Judy, and I love handbags.  Just when I thought I had enough, they pulled me back in the store--pleading and begging to come home with me.  I cannot resist the pretty colors and the multifunctional pockets with adjustable straps.  The leather, yes, the leather....more

The Day After My Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday and I turned 23 for the 23rd time.  It was a very hot day here as usual in this area of the country.  My daughter served me breakfast in bed on her own for the first time.  She is just 10 years old and she wanted to get my birthday off to a great start.  So sweet!  She even decorated our dining room with party decorations all by herself before I came downstairs.  My boys were all sleeping because, that's what they do best at this point in their teenage lives.  I ate my wonderful cereal, drank my orange juice, and munched on my toa...more

Like A Bad Neighbor, She Won't Move Out

My back yard has a wonderful kennel for my dogs when they want to play outside and enjoy the sunshine and good weather and when I want them out of my house because they are shedding the winter coats.  It is huge with six foot high walls and runs the entire width of my yard.  It also has toys, fresh water, a huge doggie house with a gigantic cedar dog bed to relax upon, and shade from many trees. ...more
@Denise We can't even have a conversation with these people.  My husband asked the woman about ...more

Teddy the Saga Continues

Poor Teddy Boy.  His neck problem has worsened again.  Suddenly on Sunday, always on a Sunday, his neck began swelling up.  I noticed that the hole the vet made to drain out the infection, started closing on Saturday.  This was not a good thing Martha. Sunday afternoon, his neck problem area was the size of a walnut shell.  I gave him a good cleaning with peroxide as per our normal routine and decided to wait until Monday morning to call the doctor then....more

I Hate Dementia

My mother has dementia.  I hate it.  She used to be the most irritating, active, perfectly artistic person on the planet. Nobody could compare to her in any activity that I knew.  She could do everything perfectly and if I ever attempted to help, she would get so frustrated that I wasn't doing it fast enough, she would take over and finish it for me the way she wanted it. ...more

A Lesson of Forgiveness

My daughter had a friend this past school year in fourth grade that seemed to be a nice girl.  They got along well and had a good friendship for about four months until something strange happened.  We really didn't know why the new girl, we'll call her Jane, started treating her badly.  All of a sudden, Jane started ignoring my daughter, answering her in a snotty manner, and would tell lies about her at school.  My daughter would try playing with Jane at recess at school and Jane would yell at her or simply say no way.  Many times this girl would do things to my dau...more

Poor Teddy

Teddy my pirate shih tzu is a tough dog.  He had an abscessed lymph node this weekend.  Unfortunuately, I didn't know about it until it was ready to burst.  Tasty right?  I hope you are not queasy already.  My daughter actually discovered it on Saturday afternoon but she didn't tell anyone.  I discovered it Saturday night when I was taking him out for his nightly constitution.  ...more

Dinner Again Tonight??

It's 5 p.m. and I realized I have to feed them again tonight.  It's like I have to feed them everyday or something.  Sheesh.  Normally during the school year, I have everything completely planned out.  I have weekly menus and groceries lined out exactly as needed and I know what needs to be done practically minute by minute.  Since school has been out and I don't have my schedule to rely on now, I am kind of lost.  I don't have my menu planned and I don't have to be anywhere on time at the moment. ...more