The Best Holidays are Bittersweet

I LOVE the holidays!  I love the warmth and the cheer.  I like the brightly decorated tree and the decadent food.  It is also a time for friends and family.  Which brings us to the bittersweet.  In those family times there is intense love and joy and there is pain.   We always miss the ones who are...more

Poisoned Slowly

I am currently in a beautiful place, courtesy of my fiancé’sparents.  They own a summer home in the vacation town of Marmaris, Turkey. It is lovely.  They actually just bought a bigger home here so thatmy fiancé and I could have more privacy.  They are lovely people. Really.  And very thoughtful. ...more

He Loves me Hardcore

And here is the proof: ...more

Sitting On My Ass...Uncomfortably

There is nothing wrong with my ass people. Quite the opposite actually. However, it is feeling guilty. Here is the back story, which you need to know to understand the level of guilt I feel. ...more