Surf's Up, ANZO style: Celebrating Waitangi Day

Waitangi Day is the national holiday celebrated in New Zealand on 6 February every year. It commemorates the signing of a treaty between the British Crown and the indigenous Maori population in 1840. ...more

...this could get very messy! Until I went to NZ I also had thought that the pav was an Aussie ...more

Of droughts and flooding rains

I love a sunburnt country, a land of sweeping plains, Of ragged mountain ranges, of droughts and flooding rains. This quote is the start of one verse of My Country, by Dorothy McKellar - a poem that I (and a number of my friends of the same age as me) had to memorise in Grade 3 or 4. The issue of droughts and floods in Australia is just as prevalent now as it was when MacKellar wrote her poem, with most Australians obsessing over not enough rain or too much rain, depending on where they live. ...more

Jules, the water restrictions in Melbourne were tightened up around last October, and apparently ...more

Australian & NZ blogs in the 2007 Bloggies

Following Liz's lead from where she blogged about the Latin American women nominated in the 2007 bloggies, here is a wrap up of the women nominated in the category of Australian & New Zealand blogs: Nikita Kashner is a 22 year old from Perth in Western Australia, who blogs about her life - her posts usually make me laugh, like this one about Kim Beazley, former leader of the federal Opposition. ...more

Celebrating Australia Day

The 26th January is Australia Day - a public holiday in Australia where we commemorate the arrival of white settlers on the First Fleet in 1788. For me, Australia Day has always consisted of a number of traditional events with family and friends: backyard cricket (while drinking a beer), jumping in the swimming pool fully clothed after getting all hot and sweaty playing cricket, listening to the Triple J Hottest 100 countdown, watching the Australian Open Tennis on TV, a BBQ lunch or dinner, eating watermelon and ripe juicy mangoes... Here's a wrap up of Australia Day from the blogosphere: ...more

I don't know why pavlova is the traditional Australian celebration dessert - we have it for ...more

What does your national flag symbolise?

Organisers of the Big Day Out music festival in Australia sparked controversy this week, with their initial banning of the Australian flag from the festival in Sydney, declaring that they would confiscate flags at the gate and that the Australian flag was being used as gang colours to fuel racist hate. Within 24 hours, after much political controversy, organisers reversed this decision by calling it "a request and not a command" to leave the flag at home. ...more

Surf's Up, ANZO style: Road trip!

Here in the Southern Hemisphere, it is summer time, which means tennis, cricket, heading to the beach, BBQs, and road trips. To me, nothing says "Summer = Freedom" like getting on the road and visiting far flung places (because everywhere in Australia is a long way from wherever you begin). So, in the spirit of summer, here are some of the female bloggers of Oz who have been hitting the road and blogging about it: ...more

Work to live, or Live to work?

Since resigning from my job in Dubai and returning to Australia, I've been thinking a lot about what my next career move will be. I'm at the point now where there are two opposing options, and I'm wondering which path to follow. Like the Robert Frost poem goes "Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, and sorry I could not travel both." ...more

Awesome to have choices...then we do not know what to do with them. (Imagine if you were ...more

How safe are you when you exercise?

I must admit, I never really thought about how safe I was when I was exercising. I often go for a walk or run early in the morning or around sunset as the light starts to fade. I live in a safe city, it was still reasonably light, there are other people around, and so I always felt reasonably safe. The women in my city aren't feeling so safe anymore, after 38 attacks on women in the past year - women who were out walking or running in parks and along bike pathways, at the same times that I exercise. ...more

Australian Govt pushes anti-choice agenda

Although the abortion issue is a Big Issue in US politics, in Australian politics it is an issue that only sparks every now and then, and I can't remember it ever being an election issue. I'm not sure if this is a trend which will continue, however, given the current Federal Government's anti-choice stance. ...more

I had no idea this kind of thing happened down under. How sad. And absolutely frightening. ...more

Celebrating New Year's Eve down under

I like New Year's Eve. Not because of the parties, fireworks and celebrations, but because of the symbolism - the chance to start something fresh, a whole new year filled with possibilities. And since 2006 was not my best year, I was looking forward to moving into 2007. And since its summer in the southern hemisphere, New Year's Eve is also the perfect time to be outside wearing flip flops, watching fireworks and drinking champagne. A quick wrap up of what some of the Aussie bloggers were doing to see in the New Year: ...more