For Testing Purposes Only

Several months ago I signed up with Influenster after seeing my sister post an Instagram of a particularly lovely shade of lipstick she got from them. Or was it sunscreen? I forget. Anyway. I didn’t really expect it to light my world ablaze necessarily, but I figured I’d give it a shot and see if what I got before giving up on it like I do for many things my sister does, such as couponing, cooking, and advanced trigonometry....more

Adorkable, Part Deux

This is post several days overdue because, SHOCKER, I threw my back out on Thursday and sitting in a chair for any length of time has been excruciating. I tried several times writing on the couch from my phone, but I’m so bad at texting everything comes out like this. Maybe I should have just gone with it. I went and mowed the lawn today and now I’m loopy on Benadryl from a non-stop sneezing fit....more

Triple Threat

So…yeah. Triplets. Since my I only just announced this in my previous post, more than a few of you may be surprised to learn we’re already in week 32 and wondering why I kept such huge news under wraps for so long. Especially when I tell you that the average term for triplets IS 32 weeks. So…yeah. This could happen any day. All I can say is that I had a really good reason for my silence....more


I’ve been told it’s quite common not to be able to recognize your own features in your children, and up until last Christmas I’d been so fuzzy on the subject that I had convinced myself that Emma must look like me simply because she has the EXACT same hair coloring I did at that age. I know, it’s genius, right?...more

For Ben, Who I Do Not Know

Exactly when I met my friend Isaac, I couldn’t tell you. I don’t remember the year, and I certainly don’t remember which project I was working on for eBay at the time. Based on some highly passionate conversations I had with him on the subject, I’d venture a guess it was Rewards & Recognition. What I DO specifically remember is that I screwed up the spelling of his name.Isaac: “It’s just like it’s spelled in the Bible.”Jules: “Um. Right. And…that is..?”**crickets**...more


Last time in Jules’ Adventures in Impossibility, I illustrated in painful detail what a crappy guesser I am for oh, the FIVE-THOUSANDTH TIME. Just guess whether I’m done or not. Go on, GUESS:...more

Within the Realm of the Impossible

There’s a part of your heart you have to kill every time you try to conceive and fail. Spending year after year going to doctor after doctor, taking increasingly invasive tests, looking for reasons, answers, options, hope… as each step fails, a little more of your faith dies....more