My “Duh” List Elicited by the Greatest of Post-Partum Hormones

     I’ve had baby on the brain since writing my latest book, The Baby Symphony. And with baby on the brain, I was thinking of the comedy of errors that came with all of my post-partum hormones. I’m not talking about Post-Partum Depression. That is serious, and it is a whole different thing. I’m talking about the after-baby rush of hormones that gives birth to insane emotions that make you do things that will have you looking back years later and nodding your head at yourself....more

The Feria Release Day Celebration!

Hello Everyone!Thank you for stopping by today to celebrate the release of The Feria!I wanted to share some back story behind my book. First and foremost, my character, Soledad is named for my sweet and precious grandmother, who I miss every day. I’m not sure how she’d feel knowing I put her in a romance novel, but either way, I hope she’s proud…...more

The Feria Release Day Celebration and Book Trailer!

Hello everyone! The Feria is available tomorrow! Please pop in on my blog tomorrow, June 6, anytime during the day and leave a comment for a chance to win prizes including a free e-copy of my book, and giftcards to Amazon, Soul Mate Publishing and Starbucks! But you can’t win if you don’t visit and comment! So I’ll see you tomorrow! Look for the blogs titled: THE FERIA RELEASE DAY CELEBRATION!I am pleased to share with you my book trailer!

Sneak Peek: "What Follows Sorrow"

Hello Friends!     Today I’d like to share with you the first chapter of the piece I am currently working on, “What Follows Sorrow.” This is a short story of a young couple, Emilia and Devin, who are trying desperately to have a baby. Of course they’ll have their HEA, but obviously, conflict won't make it easy. This is dedicated to a dear friend of mine whose struggles were real, and whose triumphs were beautiful. Let me know what you think and if you have any sugg’s!! Enjoy and thank you!Chapter 1...more

Six Sentence Sunday, May 20, 2012

Here are six sentences from my latest short story, “What is Born from Sorrow.” Thanks for reading!  I was carrying twins but only for a brief time. Once the first one left, the other, I’m sure, took it as a sign that my womb was no good.  Not for one baby, much less two. They must’ve been our kids, smart like Devin. New nightmares visit me. I am cradling, nursing, dressing, bathing, loving two whole babies, and the pleasure is so painful, that even in sleep, I expect to wake and find a sword stuck firmly through my heart....more

Baby Steps

Hello Friends!     I am a new author (going to be published THIS MONTH!!), and there is much to do in order to promote my work! Sometimes it feels overwhelming. I have had to learn to take baby steps, write everything down, and do A LOT of online research. Oh, did I mention a fellow author named Janna Shay who is AN ANGEL?!! She's taken my under her wing and has been sharing a nice long "to-do" list I have to tackle in this promotion gig....more

Please be kind

     Ok, I’m going to vent a little bit, ladies!     I teach English at our local community college, and I was out for two classes this past week. A colleague and dear friend of mine offered to substitute for me so that my students would not lose two days of class time. We thoroughly covered my lessons, and she was off to teach.     All is well in the neighborhood, right?     Wrong....more
Oh my goodness :(  That is terrible!  more


“Night-Writer”Originally Posted on February 8, 2012by juliabadewrites at www.smpauthors.wor...more