Some People Do Not Want To Drive

Awhile back I wrote a blog here about how pedestrian walking  in urban areas should be more of a viable option because we all need to get more exercise, and I was delighted that this was a featured post here on BlogHer.  I was very excited about this, and appreciated the comments I received....more

Buy a book by Nadine Christian and win prizes

Nadine Christian is an author who has an amazing contest going on over on her blog.  Do you enjoy reading romance novels, and would you like to find something that is different than what is usually in the book stores.  Nadine's stories take place on Pitcairn Island, and the characters are quite memorable.  ...more

Getting Beyond What Others Think About Us

Sometimes it is easy to get caught up with what others think about us.  When I was younger I always marveled at how most things people said or did never phased my mom.  She was always such a sweet person, and even when people poked fun at her for being a bit more reserved and not out going, it never bothered her.  I asked her why their comments did not get on her nerves, and she said it was because she was too busy working in the garden, cooking, and wanting to spend time with us, that she simply had no time left over for negativity....more

Win A Free Key Chain At Sweetbearies Art Workshop

Over on Sweetbearies Art Workshop I am running a free key chain giveaway.  Do you like key chains, and would you like one that would help you remember where you put your keys? I am doing a key chain giveaway promotion on my blog as a way to generate more interest in my Zazzle store. Anyone who wants to win a free key chain is welcome to participate. Below is an example of some of the free key chains I will be including with the contest. ...more

Making A Noodle Cabbage Stir Fry With Broccoli And Chicken

I used to love Chinese take-out, but these days I cannot afford to eat out!  A few years ago I rediscovered my love for making simple meals, and I try to make these exciting and creative as possible.  Many Chinese take out places offer lomain noodle dishes, and I make something similar by using an old college stand-by: two boxes of cup of noodles.  ...more
@HomeRearedChef I love simple dishes like this one.  Thanks for commenting :).more

Walkable Cities: A Pedestrian Solution

Often, I read about Europeans talking about how they have great transportation systems, and can get anywhere they need without a car.  Without having to move to another country - or continent for that matter - I think it would be in the best interest of Americans to promote walk-able cities....more
Eulalia Benejam Cobb  It is possible to live in rural and urban areas without a car.  I have ...more

Working On A Drawing of The View of Hesperia

Currently I am working on a colored pencil illustration of the view of Hesperia as seen from the San Berrnardino Mountains....more