A Question of Mom’s on Mother’s Day Gifts?

Which Mother’s Day Gift would you like to receive?   We are writing an article about Mother’s Day gifts from Steuben and would like to get real quotes from real moms about them.  Rather than  telling people what we “think” moms would like, we want to go straight to the source: YOU!...more

Giving Live Rabbits as Easter Gifts

It has become a tradition for many to buy a live rabbit to present to children as a gift on Easter. In most cases, this becomes an unfortunate decision for all involved, but especially for the rabbit. Many people are uneducated about the commitment that caring for a rabbit entails. ...more
They are so very cute and can live a very, very long time.  Check out my post yesterday about ...more

Halle Berry Joins the Hollywood Reporter

Honoring  Dame Helen Mirren for Outstanding Leadership & Mentoring ...more

The Last Boy; Mickey Mantle Stories Come Alive

The Last Boy; Mickey Mantle Stories Come Alive  NY Times Bestseller, Jane Leavy Brings Sports Collectors Baseball Cards and a Legend Together Yankee baseball legend Mickey Mantle was brought to life recently, with the release of Jane Leavy’s latest book “The Last Boy, the story of Mickey Mantle and the End of America’s Childhood”.  The New York Times Bestselling author sat amongst family, friends and admirers…surrounded by an incredible collection of sports memorabilia and a stunning array of ...more

Valentine’s Day Gifts From the Heart

Finding unique Valentine’s Day gifts doesn’t have to mean spending interminable weeks scouring the stores for the perfect item that reflects your heartfelt feelings....more

The Carlyle’s New York Shopping Hotel Package

Next weekend is going to be remarkable. How do I know this? Because my best friend and I are taking advantage of an incredible hotel package that combines two of my favorite things: shopping in New York City and The Carlyle, one of the most elegant places in New York.   The Carlyle, A Rosewood Hotel, New York City Photo Credit: The Carlyle, A Rosewood Hotel Image: Carlyle-hotel-new-york-city.jpg hotel Alt: The Carlyle, A Rosewood Hotel, New York City  ...more