Let's talk about Class, baby, let's talk about you and me

I am re-posting this from my own blog because of the interest it has generated there. Many women have told me they appreciate this breaking of the silence of the issue that dare not speak its name in America: Class. Original post on Somewhere in Transition at: http://julialeebarclay.blogspot.com.Would love your feedback...here goes:Let's talk about Class, baby, let's talk about you and me......more

Women, art, voices, ownership

This is from my blog Somewhere in Transition at http://julialeebarclay.blogspot.com...more

Not Just Another F%$##! Statistic

This is taken from my daily blog (http://julialeebarclay.blogspot.com):OK, so now someone I know has died of this disease of alcoholism and in a particularly horrific way.  She was about my age and leaves behind children.  She was in fact probably the age of my friend Vickie who died of breast cancer, and so this is the weird thing: they are both dead, they both leave behind teenage boys, and the similarity ends there....more

My friend Vickie died last night and I'm furious

I fucking hate cancer and I have a particular hatred for breast cancer, especially when it steals away a star like Vickie S.  It's just not fucking fair that someone who is 50 years old, who has a 14 year old boy and has spent the last 4-5 years healing herself dies from fucking breast cancer.You have to understand this about Vickie, those of you who will never have the joy of knowing her because she died too fucking young:...more
Thank you, Victoria. The person I feel the worst for is her son. But it is too damn young no ...more

Sexual Abuse in the News

Listening to everyone talk about the notorious Penn State abuse opens old wounds, especially the idea that there's no one to tell.  I lived for a time with a crazy, violently abusive babysitter (and also weird snapshot and body memories of my first step-father that make me nauseous and scared), and, as the people on radio are talking about, I had no one to tell.  This whole issue of talking outside of school - whether it's family, a caretaker, a coach, whatever...it's so debilitating, the silencing of children - it's almost worse than the violence or violation itself....more

Occupation Politics and Art

There I said it: politics and art.  The phrase alone can be enough to make you want to hide under a pillow.In these days of Occupy Wall Street and all manner of in your face politics, what is the relevance of artistic experimentation? I ask this as someone who has a history of political activism (and who has been at the sympathy OWS marches in NYC) and who also creates theater (primarily) that is on the experimental edge of experimental, what some would uncharitably refer to as 'elitist' or if particularly miffed 'pretentious.'...more