Less Disney, more Angela Carter

I'm intrigued by this NPR review of Giambattisa Basile's 17th-century book of fairy stories The Tale of Tales, which was apparently recently adapted into an Italian/British/French film starring Salma Hayek. The subtitle of this particular edition (translated by Nancy L. Canepa) is Entertainment for Little Ones, which seems.. ....more


I read with interest that author Sherrilyn Kenyon is suing author Cassandra Clare, accusing her of copyright and trademark infringement and false advertising. I have never read one of Kenyon's novels*, and our (limited) coverage of Cassandra Clare has been lukewarm-ranging-to-chilly, but I'm afraid Ms. Clare's unfortunate history of "borrowing" from other fantasy writers leaves her very, very vulnerable to accusations like these ....more

The price is right

Harlequin Books is running a Valentine's Day special: they're offering a bunch of books recommended by the popular romance blogs Dear Author and Smart Bitches, Trashy Books, all priced at either 99c or $1.99. The sale runs until February 15th ....more

Austen could only improve it.

Speaking of Shakespeare, I've been spending some time in Washington D.C., and the Metro is plastered with ads for the Folger Library's "The Wonder of Will: 400 Years of Shakespeare" celebration. The centerpiece of the event is, of course, the First Folio, but I'm far more interested in this: "Will & Jane: Shakespeare, Austen, and the Cult of Celebrity". The actual connection seems a little tenuous (they're both famous English writers, but so are a lot of other people), but whatever: I'm still sorry I won't be in D.C. to see it ....more

My favorite is his <i>Richard III</i>, but I don't want it on a t-shirt

Literature-inspired clothing line Out of Print has just released a pair of new designs featuring Milton Glaser's cover art for William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, Hamlet, and The Tempest. Glaser is probably best known for designing the "I [heart] NY" logo. His Shakespeare illustrations are in a totally different style, but they're equally memorable ....more

<i>Dreamer's Pool</i>, by Juliet Marillier

When it comes to fantasy novels, I usually judge books on three categories: world-building, characterization, and adventure. Juliet Marillier's Dreamer's Pool features complex, sympathetic characters and an intriguing plot, although the world she has built is an odd blend of brutality and utopia. The main character of Dreamer's Pool is a woman who calls herself Blackthorn, an imprisoned healer hell-bent on ruining the man who destroyed her life ....more

Weekly Book Giveaway: <i>Dreamer's Pool</i>, by Juliet Marillier

This week's Book Giveaway is Dreamer's Pool, the first installment in the Blackthorn & Grim series by Juliet Marillier. That's not the kind of cover that usually floats my boat (I avoid any book that looks like the author might describe someone's eyes as "cerulean orbs"), but I've been deeply impressed by Ms. Marillier's books in the past, so my hopes are high ....more

<i>To Lure a Proper Lady</i>, by Ashlyn MacNamara

When I reviewed a previous Ashlyn MacNamara book, I gave her writing a lukewarm but honest endorsement. Unfortunately, her upcoming novel To Lure A Proper Lady is the kind of hot mess that undoes a lot of preexisting goodwill. When Lady Elizabeth Wilde and her sisters are summoned (once again) to their hypochondriac father's “deathbed”, they assume he is exaggerating his illness ....more

What about that car, though?

Additional, far more exciting TV news: according to Variety, NBC has given a formal pilot order for a TV update of Cruel Intentions. The potential series "picks up 15 years after the movie left off and centers around the teenage son of the film’s characters made famous by Ryan Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon." They're clearly trying to hook both fans of the original film and anyone left bereft by the demise of Gossip Girl, but maybe that's a larger demographic than I thought ....more

It's cute, I guess.

Dramafever informs me that Warner Bros. has recently given Animate (Japan's largest retailer of anime, games, and manga) the exclusive rights to produce a wide range of anime-style Harry Potter merchandise. I'm hoping this stuff is more impressive in person, because you can seriously find far more impressive anime-style Harry Potter art on, like, DeviantArt ....more