spin , spin and dyes ...

Hello my dear friends ,Summer is coming to an End and Fall is in front of us . I must admit ( I could never imagine to say this ever ) I am so ready for Fall and so happy Summer goes away . This last years I can't deal with the heat we have here in Greece ....more

Knit a bit

Hello my friends <3 again it is been far too long since last time . This last month was quiet busy as I also had a small surgery and I am still recovering from it . Good thing : I have had plenty of time to figure out new knit stitches and I managed to knit some pieces . Lace knitting was challenging but the outcome so worth it !...more

Summertime and the livin is easy ...

Hello my dear friends ..... my vacations are almost over , just a few days left and I am trying to get the best out of these last days . Summer is my favorite time of the year ( excluded heat waves ) . Why ? Well ...:1. You don't have to wear many clothes 2. You can go to the beach 3. Summer nights are the best 4....more

Traveling with pets

Hello my dear friends .... August arrived and with it vacations !!! I am back home and just enjoying the easy livin :) ...more

about clean eating and crochet ...

  Hello my dear friends <3 It's been too much time since I last b...more

1. week of the 30 days walking challenge !!!


30 days Challenge , walking with Leslie Sansone

Hello my friends , again it's been a while..... scary how fast time passes away !!!My Blog entry today is for all of you thinking about getting from a couch potato ( ME) to a more healthy and fit person . Since a few weeks I find out about Leslie Sansone ....more

Batik - get wildddd

  Hello there <3 I hope you all had a great January . For m...more

About New Years Resolutions

  ( google image )...more