Politics and Apple Cake.

  I'm baking an apple cake. ...more

World Kitchen Garden Day Giveaway!

Recently, I've mentioned my need to tackle our overrun, ugly summer kitchen gardens to make the transition to fall crops. I've created plans, determined when to start the seeds, and realized I'm behind schedule....more

The Run.

  We're in the thick of summer vacation here....more

A Cautionary Tale of Seed Potatoes.

During the bleak winter months, when the world is cold and gloomy and you're inundated with gardening catalogs, it's a natural survival instinct to start ordering items for your garden. That happy garden, the one that will bring you hours of bliss and bushels of produce. ...more

Peep Prep: What to Expect When You're Expecting Chicks

Like any gardener knows, spring is a busy time. And, as any parent knows, spring is an insanely hectic time....more
me too, kind of. i'm glad a friend has chickens... we buy her eggs :)more

The Three Sisters Garden: Cultivating History and Companionship

Spring is here!Hooray!Although, I’m afraid upstate South Carolina skipped spring and rushed straight into summer.Honestly, 86 degrees?Battling raspberry canes is painful enough without fear of sunburn.Fortunately, I’m keeping my eye on the prize: heirloom tomatoes. Pesticide-free strawberries. Peas. Lettuce in more colors, textures, and adornments than a Whole Foods display.Plus, of course, beans. Corn. Squash. Crook-neck, straight-neck, Pattypan, Cinderella’s pumpkin… the choices are dazzling....more

A Spring Gardening Gift for You!

Finally, my friends—it's here. The day we've all been awaiting. The day that kept us going through those dreary, chilly winter days......more

Transplanting Learning to the Home Garden.

  The count down is on…spring is almost here! If you’re like me, you’re doing a happy dance and gathering daffodils.Mop the floors?Why bother?They’ll just get muddy again....more

Plant a Flower—(Or Help Me, Please!)

 @sassymonkey And herbs are gorgeous! I have a medicinal herbal bed (which is really for show, I ...more

A Tale of Two Apple Trees.