Meaner than spit.

I once worked with a girl who used to say this all the time.  She was from southern Indiana, and in her very twangy drawl, she'd frequently say how her mother in law was just, "meaner than spit". Before long, I started thinking of this as a pretty normal, every day, kind of phrase.  I guess you just get used to things you hear all the time no matter where you are from.  Of course when I say it, it doesn't sound nearly as cute as it did when Rachel said it, but for some reason it still sticks in my head... ...more

Banana Bread: Made by a real monkey.

  I saw these sad looking banana's on my counter this morning......more

A furniture project with surprisingly awesome results

Starting on Friday, I was on a huge decorating binge.  A binge on a budget.  I was looking for a few choice selections to add to our decor.  Cozy things. Homey things.  The pretty kind of things that catch your eye... that alas, cost millions of petty dollars. ...more

I love it! I want one!

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I'm not eloquent when people die.

Death makes me uncomfortable.  I get awkward.  It's one of the few social occasions when words escape me.  I say stupid things. For example, last year when Jen, my childhood friend, lost her mom suddenly, I said something totally stupid at her wake.  I remember it clearly, and it was stupid.  Granted, I was having contractions, as I was most certainly 9 months pregnant with Leo 2 summers ago, but I am 100% smarter than the words that came out of my mouth. ...more