Wonderful offer from Shutterfly

I just finished ordering my free notecards from Shutterfly and I can;t wait to get them!!  As a small business owner, every little cent adds up...do I REALLY need that??  You know how it is!  You cut out all but the bare necessities!  Well, thanks to Shutterfly, I can thank my customers for their support this year!  Thanks Shutterfly!! see my finished project! http://share.shutterfly.com/action/welcome?sid=0AbOWjFk2ZNmbjY...more

Christmas Traditions! I'm Exactly Like My Parents!!

The span of time from Thanksgiving to Christmas was such a fantastic part of my childhood!  Baking cookies, making decorations, circling everthing in the Sears Catalog!  The tradition in our neighborhood was for the local fire company to come around with Santa and we all would wait (I'm sure there was a schedule, but we never knew when it would be so we were on our best behavior!) for that special night sometme in December to sit on his lap and find out whether we were on the naughty or nice list! &n...more

Great offer from Shutterfly for bloggers!

We recently took a cruise with some friends and since we lived in different cities, we were able to create a shared file on Shutterfly where we could each contribute photos and videos from our trip...nice!!  Now it's time to send Christmas cards and I'm always looking for something to make my Christmas cards stand out both for my business and for my family!!  I like black and white, bright colors, borders, collages, square, rectangle, a ...more