10 Things I Hate About HGTV House Hunters

I love to watch HGTV. One of the shows that is on quite often is House Hunters. I like to watch the show because of the great variety of houses and apartments they show around the country and the world. For some reason, I love to peek into other people’s lives through their homes....more
I just found this bog and couldn't believe that every single thing that annoys me about HH and ...more

I've Spent a Lifetime Throwing Up

It’s true. I’ve spent an enormous amount of time in my lifetime throwing up. And it’s not a particularly fun topic to read or write about, but there it is. First of all, I have had severe motion sickness since I was a little kid. I got car sick all the time. My parents learned to keep a bag or little bucket handy in the car for me. ...more
I have the same issue with 3-D movies, and my daughter has always had severe motion sickness ...more

Laptop Hobos vs. Coffee Shops

One of the top news stories today was titled "Coffee shops look to oust laptop 'hobos'." Basically, coffee shops and wifi-offering restaurants are tired of patrons who stay all day, use the free electricity to charge their laptops, and only buy the minimum of coffee/food. So they are cutting them off by turning off the wifi and covering the wall outlets....more
I've used the coffee shop as a laptop hobo -- but I've also sat there for FOUR HOURS every ...more

What is your favorite ice cream this summer?

What is your favorite flavor/brand of ice cream this summer?Mine is Tiramisu Gelato from Italy by Siviero Maria.It is so hot outside here in the South in the summer that we eats lots of ice cream and sorbet. Each summer we look forward to making our own and also trying out new flavors that are available at the grocery store.This summer we are madly in love with tiramisu gelato. Yum!...more
@Karen Ballum  My second-runner up this summer is Haagen-Dazs Bourbon Pecan Praline. Wait, I'm ...more

Favorite Movie Ever

Someone asked recently on Twitter what was one’s favorite movie ever.My answer: Young Frankenstein.I love the witty jokes that sometimes you don’t catch until you’ve watched the movie a few times.I love the sets and the scenery. The characters. Igor. Dr. Frankenstein. Inga. Frau Blucher. Even Elizabeth although her baby talk in the bedroom scene was highly annoying.The clothes captured my imagination. I love Inga’s wardrobe as well as Elizabeth’s....more
The Last Unicorn and The Princess Bridemore

Getting The Funny Back

How do you get the Funny back when you lose it?Definition of the Funny: your sense of ridiculous humor. The ability to find funny in the everyday situations. The ability to just look out the window and laugh at the world.I lost my funny, for the most part, over the past year. It was a series of steps that we took to simplify our lives that started the chain reaction and found me where I am today....more

Currier & Ives Christmas

Last night we were driving to have dinner at a restaurant we love on the seawall in Galveston. We drove down Broadway which is the main drag through the heart of Galveston and where many of the historic homes are lined up....more
Hmmm now you've got me thinking that I want to put a wreath in our front-facing windows. Maybe ...more

Bulgur, Red Quinoa, and Black Beans

I’ve been trying to introduce more whole grains into our diet and quinoa is one of the ones I have had the hardest time working into the menu. I haven’t been a huge fan of quinoa in the past because I simply didn’t like the texture of it.  This evening though, I managed to create a dish that was delicious and incorporated some good grains. I found bulgar and red quinoa at Central Market here in Houston. It is the quick-cooking type of bulgar and of course, quinoa cooks fairly fast on its own.Ingredients:1/2 cup Bulgar & Red Quinoa1 cup water...more

Beer Bread

The day I learned to make beer bread was a great one. It happened quite a few years ago. Too long ago to recall even where I got the recipe.It is one of the easiest recipes I know. And it is my most requested recipe from friends and family. Why on earth none of them can recall how to make a 4-ingredient quick-bread is beyond me....more
Last year, my New Years Resolution was to become confident in making yeast bread. It's nice that ...more

August Holidays

Here are some holidays to celebrate in August. They run the gamut from funny to delicious to weird. Join me in blogging the holidays of August!...more