Please don't tell me I'm beautiful

Whatever you do, please do not tell me that I have a beautiful yoga practice. "You have a beautiful practice" has become a sneaky way for well-meaning practitioners to compliment and praise each other for their abilities on the mat. Yesterday I may have been able to straighten my legs in Plow pose but find that today my hamstrings are taut and my feet are just dangling out there in space....more
It is all beautiful! But as one who flails in her poses and teeters from lack of balance. I must ...more

Chamomile and laughter: A study in suffering

I don't think I've ever had to pee so bad in my life....more

The art of conscious conversation

As I anticipated meeting an old friend for coffee the other day I found my thoughts riding a predictable trajectory. I recalled how we'd met, what role our relationship played in my life, and the circumstances around which we'd parted ways....more

On the Eve of my 51st Birthday

One year ago today, I wrote a post titled, On the Eve of my 50th Birthday. Today, it is the eve of my 51st. Here are my current reflections:...more

Skipping Out on the Bill

I've been thinking a lot about what I wrote about the other day in my post titled, Dharma Behind the Drama. I find I am struck with the idea that our current self makes choices that extend into the future, and then our future self always ends up paying the price. It's like if you order lots of expensive food at a restaurant and then leave before the bill comes....more

Dharma behind the drama

So I'm sitting in this absolutely mind-numbing meeting (oh, come on - you know you've been in that meeting, too) and I'm noticing how resistant I am; I can barely keep my butt in the chair. ...more

Young Man with a Telescope

There is a young man in my life who is in the process of recovery from substance abuse. He never graduated high school, has no job or income, and doesn't have any sort of health insurance or unemployment benefits. Talk about starting from square one. ...more
@DesiValentine4 Thanks so much for the wonderful comment. It warms my heart to know that other ...more

My Bamboo-boo

How to write a love poem


Weird old guy with a metal detector

I saw him again last night. He seems to be around 80 years old.The first time I saw him, I laughed out loud. The second time, I became curious. The last time I saw him, I just felt like crying....more