Relationship Losing Its "Zing"? Try These Tips!

Editor's Note: Every relationship ebbs and flows and it is up to us to keep things fresh. After 14 years of marriage, 3 children, and a commitment to military service, Julie knows a bit about keeping her marriage to Martin fresh. Check out her tips if you're looking for creative ways to keep the fire going. -Feminista Jones  Image: C.P. Storm via Flickr  ...more

Some of my families favorite recipes

Nutrition & health of children

attended a meeting this morning about the health of children birth – 5.  I am amazed at what parents find as acceptable and healthy diets for their children.   I know that there cost issues for some people, but really to me spending more on healthy food saves you in the long run and it makes for happy, healthy children. I am not saying that I am perfect, almost all of my food is from scratch, we don’t keep a ton of snacks in the house.  However an occasional french fry ends up on all of my families plates.  I do pride myself in the fact that my 2 1/2-ye...more


So I decided to create this blog to catalog my life.  I have a Culiary degree and recently picked up my old job as a personal chef....this has sparked a new passion for cooking and love for food!  When my oldest heres the slightest mention that I am going to bake she goes crazy wanting to help me.  She is 2 1/2 and will insistantly bother my husband for her stairs to help mommy.  I have a big Kitchen Aide mixer and she can lift the bowl and turn on my mixer. We spent the better part of Saturday baking for my fathers surprise 50th, my mother didn't want a cak...more