Partying By Age

I have the day off work today and am spending it sitting in the waiting room of a maxilofacial surgeon, while the Boyf has a tooth extracted. Sitting here alone is like 3 hours of constant nails on a chalkboard because while I can watch heart or eye or brain surgery all day long, the thought of anything dental sends chills down my spine and clenches my muscles. It's also the temperature of a comfortable Antarctic igloo in here. ...more

September Mixtape and a little Drooling

Only slightly late ;) Here's what I listened to in September. The Avett Brothers song was on CONSTANT REPEAT. It very well might be the best song I've ever, EVER heard. I'm not just saying that because Scott Avett is a hottie (but he is - LOOK!) ... Read more at Julie101. ...more

Kicking Off NaBloPoMo!

Hello and Happy Tuesday!I feel like I am constantly intending to post, and then my life gets  busy (ok, STAYS busy- there, I said it) - and I make excuses - but I really love blogging and being part of an online community! This is why I've signed up for BlogHer's NaBloPoMo - National Blog Post Month!...more