A Color Lover's Rose: Rainbow Sorbet

I have this rose I've had for several years called Rainbow Sorbet. It's a Floribunda, is tough and doesn't need much care. This year it's just magnificent. When it blooms it owns a wide array of colors beginning in the bud and through to the mature bloom right before the petals drop to the ground.I thought it would make a great source for a fun "color lovers" chip Palette....more

Beautifully Contained-In The Garden This Week

My Container Garden "Design" is coming together really beautifully. Since I have both shade and full sun in the area, I did some pots for shade, and some for sun. I used a variety of plants including sweet potato vine, petunias, some herbs, impatiens, begonias, geraniums, and others. To see more photos and learn about my unfortunate rendevouz with moles today, see this post. Have a wonderful week~JB was here....more

Step into My Rose Gardens for a One Minute Tour

I have been away on business for a few days. I always feel like Rip Van Winkle when I get back, because everything has grown so much I barely recognize it! Let me take you on a quick tour of my rose garden(s). :)I have four (David Austin) English Roses variety “The Herbalist” and they are in full bloom~...more
 @julieabrown You said it :-)more

My Natural Tree Nursery-or Accidental Sustainability?

It would appear that I've inadvertently started my own tree nursery. It's probably with the help of my efficient and highly paid staff, squirrels....more

Ranch House Meets Cottage: Container Gardening Fun!

So I bought these pots on closeout last winter. They were clay pots and I bought a total of nine in different sizes and patterns. I've had this vision for the thin bed that lays between my house and my sidewalk, and this weekend the vision (mostly) came to life....more

I've been Gardening!

I've been gardening! I want to show you one of my new garden toys:...more

Broody Cardinal

It is my understanding, that if  you hear the male cardinal  singing right now with that "what-a-CHEER! CHEER! CHEER" noise, they're probably broody/getting ready to nest, in other words......and they're territorial. So basically this guy is making the announcement that the immediate lands of the kingdom belong to HIM.You'll know it's a male because he's bright scarlet red like this and the female is much paler in color, kind of a brownish orangey look........more
I love gazing out at our yard and seeing the Cardinal's red spot amid all the green.   Thank ...more

Magpie Wisdom

I love these little cartoon characters. They came from the blog www.pixelsandicecream.com along with the cute papers I used for the background.I saw this sentence on a craft sign somewhere recently. So I thought it would be cute to put the birds with the papers and words and keep it-for myself. I can use this reminder sometimes. I'm perfecting this method. Or am I practicing this concept constantly?  Probably never will get it perfect. :)...more

What I Planted: Starting the Season Early (I think!)

This is the earliest I ever planted garden. Last week, no less, in South Central Missouri!I bought some seeds (well, if I'm admitting it, a lot of seeds) at the Springfield Lawn and Garden Show recently. I went with the express intent to buy some lettuce, some radishes, and maybe some seeds that might be a little harder to find later in the year. And I did that, but wound up getting a few flower seeds too....more

Garden Shows, Springfield, MO

I went to a garden show in Springfield, Missouri over the weekend, and this is going to be.....post and run. I just had to show you this display by Carson's Nursery. It had everything.....a bridge over a stream, large evergreens, a water tower, a little shack, flowers everywhere and a model of a moonshine still. If a person couldn't smile after looking all of this over I don't know what it would take. :) Have a great week. More later. ~JB was here. ...more