Is Fashion Your Bag? Design a Winning Wine Tote at

Looking for a fun way to win a trip to Las Vegas for 4 (for 4 nights too) and a $2,000 shopping spree? Georges Duboeuf, the reknowned winemaker, has created a contest called Is Fashion Your Bag at Download your template from the Is Fashion Your Bag contest page and design the winning tote - deadline for entries January 7, 2010. Prize value $5700 (see rules for other details). ...more

Women & Wine - Tips for Researching Wine on the Web

I've probably mentioned before that I'm one of the few people I know who love wine who take a picture of the label of every bottle with my cell phone that I'm interested in buying after I've tried a glass. There's just too much information out there that my brain can't remember every detail - and sometimes, if it's been a special occasion or a more formal tasting, it's just too difficult to write notes and enjoy the experience. ...more

Tribute to Sheila Lukins, Founder of The Silver Palate

I was traveling this past Monday so missed the news of the passing of Sheila Lukins on August 30, 2009 at age 66 of brain cancer. My husband Marc said,"you should write something about Sheila since the Silver Palate was such a part of our lives together in the late 70's and early 80's in New York." I looked at him intently and thought how right he was. We 'grew up' with Sheila and her partner Julee's The Silver Palate when we moved in together in Manhattan in 1980. ...more

Women & Wine - Learn About Wine, Make a Connection, Have Fun!

Cheers - here's to back to school, cleaning out the closet to make room for fall clothes and making a priorities list. One of mine is to try a few new wine varietals - that means grape varietals or the type of grape that wine is made from throughout the world. In order for a wine to be named by that varietal - ex. Cabernet - it must contain 75% of that varietal in that blend. I like to connect with people I know while we learn about wine so here's a fun activity for your next wine tasting - create a wine tote bag online! ...more

Reading Glasses - Wines to Drink with Summertime Books by Women & Wine

July Reading Glasses Book Selections and Wines go to to read more fun ideas and contribute your experiences 1. In the Kitchen: A Novel (Hardcover)by Monica Ali ...more

W&W and Wine Valet Gets a Sneak Peak Winners of the 70th Annual LA Int'l Wine, Spirits and Olive Oil Competition

As the CEO of Women & WIne,, I wear a lot of different hats. So it was a great privilege on Thursday, to help host a press and bloggers tasting event - a sneak peak so to speak - to showcase some of the winners prior to the announcment yesterday to the public. ...more

Will Michelle Obama Influence Us About Wine the Way She Did About Fashion?

It didn’t take us very long to notice Michelle Obama’s style on the campaign trail and I’m not talking about arms. I’m a bit under 6 ft. myself and first it was the poise, the grace of motion and that drop dead gorgeous smile that won me over. Later, it was the fact that she made everything she wore look like she just pulled it out of the closet – which gave me a more confidence to rummage around in the back of mine. Confidence. That’s a big word for most women to swallow – whether it’s fashion – or wine. ...more

Women & Wine - A Food & Wine Lovers Fantasy of A Gourmet Seder

My husband has this fantasy - he's invited to a Seder for Passover and none of the food resembles anything from Seders past. No jarred gefilte fish - no hard as rocks matzoh balls, no overcooked brisket (have I whet your appetite yet?) Actually, part of that picture is incredibly untrue - my mother used to (and probably would if I promised to come 'home' to NY this year) make delicious gefilte fish by hand. Yeah, I know. It's an acquired taste. ...more

17 Tips for a Great 200Wine (oops,9!)

Ok, so I've been reading too many advice columns about how to get more attention for my blog (my number one New Year's resolution). So in this one, I'm going to take pity on my readers with some great ideas of how to - at least on the Wine front - make 2009 a memorable year. A list seemed like a good idea - so here goes. ...more

Giving Wine this Holiday Season? Make it Meaningful

Giving wine is one of the best gifts for someone who enjoys it - and the best part of spending your holiday budget on wine is that you can stick to it. There are delicious wines available in every price range - and giving a $15 bottle to someone who last year you gave a $50 gift to is still a wonderful choice. Everyone who loves wine appreciates a thoughtful choice. ...more